Club Set

Anyone have No.1? I'd like to hear from you.

Newsletter No. 2

Since the last letter the band have been picking up awards from around the world for the success of their records so far. Apart from a gold album for Visage in this country and a silver disc for "Fade to Grey" they have received gold discs for the LP and "Fade to Grey" in Germany, a gold for "Fade to Grey" in France and Belgium, and a gold for "Visage" in Australia.

The "Visage" single reached No. 21 in the UK Charts - I hope you all saw the video for it (which was actually directed by Midge Ure and Chris Cross of Ultravox).

Steve has done a lot more jet-setting recently. He went over to Italy to do two TV Festivals there - the San Remo Festival and the San Vincent Festival. Then he spent three weeks in the USA with Perry and Lorraine (from Sponooch) doing club parties and local TV. He caused a huge sensation in New York when he arrived at the Chase Park Club for a party riding a camel and was featured on the NBC News. Most recently he has done a TV show in Spain where Visage are becoming more and more popular.

In October Steve will be going to Germany for the Radio Luxembourg "Golden Lion" awards ceremony as Visage have been nominated for an award.

As promised in our application form enclosed is a copy of the Visage discography showing all the records released in the UK. Various countries have released singles with a different combination of 'A' and 'B' sides but they are all tracks which have been issued in the UK.

In the USA they have released "We Move" as an 'A' side and have also issued a 5-track EP which charted there. The tracks on it are:-

Side One

Side Two

We Move
Frequency 7

Blocks on Blocks
Fade to Grey

There was also a different sleeve for the album in the USA.

The new Visage album is being recorded at present and should be ready for release in January with a single probably being issued before then. The band has the same line-up as before except that, unfortunately, John McGeoch wasn't able work on this album because of his commitments with Siouxsie & The Banshees. Barry Adamson is working on the album and Perry & Lorraine have been helping out with the vocals.

The party we mentioned in the last letter has now been set for Wednesday the 9th December at Steve & Rusty's Club for Heroes, l Baker Street, London Wl. It will be from 8pm till midnight and you just need to bring along your membership card so you (and a friend) can get in. There'll be lots of videos, good music and as well as Steve & Rusty, everyone else in the band will be there (work permitting). So, get dressed up and we'll see you there.

Finally, a few answers to questions we're asked a lot. There is a poster available now costing £1 (inc. postage & packing). The system of sending out the four photos included in your membership is that two are sent out initially and then another two during the course of the year (that way you get up-to-date pix!)

If you write to us for additional information please send a stamped addressed envelope for the reply. And last, but not least, because of the amount it is costing us to run the Club we are having to put the subscription for new members up to £3.

Newsletter No. 3

Firstly, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year from all of Visage and myself. It was great to meet so many of you at the party in December and, as it was such a success, we plan to have another later on this year and we want all of you to come along.

The new album and single are finished and set for release. The single is in 7" and 12" versions (the 12" is a longer version), the 'A' side is "Damned Don't Cry" and the 'B' side is "Motivation". It is released on 8th February. They have different picture bags using photos taken by the world famous fashion photographer Helmut Newton. He takes lots of the photos you see in Vogue etc and has had two best selling books of his work. The photo session was taken in the George VI Hotel in Paris which has the most splendid decor, as you will see on the sleeves (apart from being the most famous hotel in Paris).

The album is titled "The Anvil" and will be released on 8th March. It's sleeve is another of Helmut Newton's photos. The tracks on the album are:-

Side One

Side Two

The Damned Don't Cry
Anvil (Night Club School)
Move Up
Night Train

The Horseman
Look What They've Done
Again We Love
Wild Life

All the songs are written by Steve/Midge/Billy/Rusty and Dave Formula.

A video has already been made for the new single and was again directed by Midge Ure and Chris Cross. It was filmed at Tenterden Station in Kent and a steam engine and beautiful Pullman coach were hired for the day. It was so cold on the day they filmed that the catering truck couldn't get there until late in the day because the diesel kept freezing up! But the resulting video is fantastic and you must watch out for it on TV soon.

Steve has also spent some time filming a 1 hour documentary for French TV. It is all about his lifestyle and will be shown in France at the end of March.

Steve has been picking up awards recently including the Radio Luxembourg Golden Lion Award for the European success of Fade to Grey. He has also received the silver award for the best newcomer and best single at the German Golden Hammer Awards.

He has also been photographed recently by the famous photographer David Bailey, who wanted to take photos of him with David's wife Marie Helvin. We may possibly use one of his photos for the next singles bag.

As you know Steve and Rusty are no longer holding club nights at the Club for Heroes but they are trying to set something else up as quickly as they can so watch out for that.

Newsletter No. 4

The next Visage single was released on 18th June. It is a re-mixed version of 'Night Train and is out on 7 and 12 . The full details are:


'A' side
'B' side

"Night Train"
"I'm Still Searching"

Catalogue no POSP 44l


'A' side
'B' side

"Night Train (Dance Mix)"
"Night Train (Dub Mix)"
"I'm Still Searching"

Catalogue no POSPX 441

The re-mixing of "Night Train" was done by American John Luongo who came over to this country specially to do the mixing at Rusty's studio, Trident. There will also he a limited quantity of picture discs on the 7" version.

The photo on the sleeve was taken at Le Palace in Paris when the band's record company hosted a fashion show featuring clothes by some of Steve's favourite English designers. The show was filmed by several European film crews for use in France and Germany and it will also form the basis of the next promotional video in this country for the ""Night Train" single, so look out for that on Top of the Pops etc. There is also a possibility that Steve will do a live Top of the Pops on this single, which would be the first time ever in this country.

Steve and Rusty have a new club now which has only been open a few weeks but is already extremely popular. It is called The Palace and the full address is lA Camden High Street, London NW1 (it's near Mornington Crescent tube station). The phone no. is 387 0428. Steve and Rusty are arranging for the next Visage Club Set Party to be held there on Sunday 22nd August from 4pm - 9pm. There is no entrance fee - just bring along your membership card or something to prove you are a member. You can each bring a guest with you, or, if your parents are bringing you they are also very welcome. Last year's party was a great success and we had some terrific music and videos. Depending on their other commitments all the band will be there, but of course Steve and Rusty will definitely be there.

Steve has been doing lots more TV shows in Europe where Visage are extremely popular. They include "Disco Ring" and "Tip Tap" which were recorded in Rome and "Rock Star" in Capri. Steve and the girls performed 'Damned Don't Cry' on all the shows.

There are also negotiations going on at present for Steve to appear in a TV commercial in Japan for videocassettes. Several English groups have achieved a lot of success in Japan when their music has been used for TV ads, so fingers crossed'

Steve recently did a PA (Public Appearance) at the opening of a new HMV record shop in Glasgow and was practically mobbed! He really enjoyed meeting so many people there and we're hoping there will be some similar PA's in future. We'll try to let you know in advance if it's possible when more are planned.

We received some beautiful gifts for Steve on his birthday and he has asked me to thank you for all the cards, musical cards and presents that were sent.

The band plan to go into the studio in July/August to start work on their next album which should be ready for release at the end of the year. More news on that in the next letter

Finally, a reminder that we still have posters available at £1 each if you haven't already got one.

Membership renewals are due if your no. is between 1 - 450. It costs £3 to renew for which you get your newsletters, new photographs and a black & white poster. If you have already sent in your money to renew then just ignore this reminder. If you live outside the UK then the renewal fee is £4 plus your international postal coupons.

Look forward to seeing you all at The Palace on Sunday 22nd August.

Newsletter No. 5

Firstly I must say how terrific it was to meet so many of you at the Camden Palace for the second Visage Club Set party. Everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves - I know we certainly did' Steve and Rusty had a great time chatting to you all. We will definitely be making a regular feature of the parties.

In the last letter I mentioned that there were plans for Steve to feature in a TV ad for Japan. He has spent several days in Germany filming the ad, which is for TDK videocassettes. It was done at a beautiful location in the grounds of an old palace. They used the tracks "Night Train" and "Whispers" as music on the two versions or the ad and we have just heard that "Night Train" has gone into the Japanese charts this week. We will be putting out "Whispers" as the next single in Japan' Back on the home front, the band have a new single out on 5th November. The full details are:-

  • 'A' side "Pleasure Boys"
  • 'B' side "The Anvil"

The 12" version has special Dance Mixes of the two tracks. Both songs were mixed by John Luongo who came over from America especially to work with the band. "Pleasure Boys" is the first track the band have written and recorded without Midge Ure who won't be working with Visage any more because of all his other commitments with Ultravox and his solo projects Visage have got Steve Barnacle working with them and he helped on writing "Pleasure Boys" and played bass on the record.

The band are also working in the studio as much as they can on more tracks for the next album, but it won't be released until next year. I should have more information on that for you in the next newsletter.

Work starts soon on the promotional video for the "Pleasure Boys" single. The video is inspired by the Marlon Brando film "Wild Ones" and features Steve on a 50's Harley Davidson. The video is being shot in black & white to capture the feel of that period.

There are also plans afoot for two other film projects. One is a documentary video all about Steve : using clips from the Paris fashion show, Steve's 21st Birthday Party, the Visage promo videos, interviews and film of the clubs such as Blitz, Heaven etc.

The other project is for Steve to act in a film which uses the music from the "Anvil" album to convey the story. Steve will ~e playing a fashion photographer and it will be shot in some very exotic locations - Morocco, Canada and Thailand! The film would then be available commercially on a videocassette and, hopefully, shown on TV and maybe on the cinema circuit as a B Movie, Steve is very excited about the prospect of acting.

Steve was recently on Radio One's 'Roundtable' show and enjoyed that very much He has also been filmed by the BBC for their schools program "Scene" talking about fashion. we think that will be broadcast in November.

Steve may also be appearing on "Razzmatazz" soon doing "Pleasure Boys". There is also the possibility that he will be on the new Channel 4 TV show "Tube" which is hosted by Paula Yates. So look out for those two won't you.

If you live in Brighton you might have seen Steve opening the new HMV shop there on the 29th October. After the success of the Glasgow shop opening he was very happy to be offered the chance to appear at another.

Polydor Records will be releasing a single of Ronnie and Steve duetting on "Lady is a Tramp". I don't have an exact release date on it at present.

Finally, if your membership no. is between 450 and 500 then you should renew soon for another year. It costs £3.00 to renew.

If you have already renewed your membership, you will have received two new photos. You will be sent the additional two photos and the poster during the course of the year with future newsletters. If your membership has already expired i.e. 0-450 then this will be your last newsletter unless you renew straight away.

We've just heard that Steve will be appearing on the new ATV programme "Big Daddy" which goes out on Saturday mornings. He'll be singing "Pleasure Boys" and will be on the show in the middle of November.

Dear Visage Club Set,

First of all, apologies for taking so long to send this newsletter to you. We've had problems with our management which have held things up, so please bear with us. In the meantime, here is the latest news :-

*** Rusty and myself have been very busy at The Palace particularly with the one year old birthday party. You've probably seen the press coverage on it, on TV-AM, Nationwide and The Tube Special and the appearance on Razzmatazz. Apologies to all club members who live outside !London who weren't sent tickets for The Tube. It was a very hurried last minute arrangement and we weren't able to reach members who live far away.

*** Again due to our management problems, the filming "The Anvil" has been temporarily shelved but the latest news concerning film is that I am going to play the part in a short film. I can't say too much about it at the moment, except that it's a very weird and wonderful story and will be called "Gray." More news about that in the next letter.

*** The lineup of Visage has changed again. Billy Currie has left the group due to other musical commitments . Gary (sax) Barnacle and Steve (bass) Barnacle are with us again - remember them when they played on "Night Train". Also, Andy Barnett is the new addition who plays guitar. Rusty is of course still playing drums and is working hard in the studio organising new songs for the forthcoming album.

*** The Worldwide tour is still happening, but due to commitments from the other members of the group it won't be happening for a few months.

*** Visage are in the studio at the moment, trying to decide which track to put out as the new single. Whatever the decision it should be out in a month.

*** I am still doing TV appearances in various towns in Europe. I will be playing in Italy on June 3rd at a festival in Verona.

*** There will be another Visage Club Set party in August - more details in the next newsletter.

That's all for now, we won't leave it so long until the next newsletter!

With best wishes,


January 1984

Newsletter No. 7

Dear Visage Club Set

We are now fully established at the above address. All our problems have been sorted out so everything should start running smoothly ...

Firstly we would like to wish all of you a very happy New Year.

Looking back last year was very quiet, only one album 'Fade To Grey - The Singles Collection' was released, there were no singles even though Visage were busy in the studio. As you already know management problems stopped anything new from being released. Visage did a session for David Jensen on which they performed some new material, which included the following:- 'Only The Good Die Young', 'Questions', 'Can You Hear Me' and 'Promises'. As you may have heard this was repeated later in the year. If you were lucky enough to have heard the session I'm sure you would agree with us that the new material was excellent. So far these songs look like they will make up part of the new album.

1984 holds a lot in store - as already mentioned an album's planned for release some time this spring, with a single around the same time, but we haven't got a definite date and there's no hint of a title yet.

Rusty says that there will be a Visage Party prior to the release of the album, which will take place at The Camden Palace - of course Steve and Rusty will be there and hopefully so will the rest of the band who are:- Steve Barnacle (bass), Andy Barnett (guitar), and Dave Formula (keyboards). Rusty, who will be DJing, will play you the new album, which should be worth waiting for .... we will write and let you know the exact date. Unfortunately the party we mentioned for August last year could not take place so we promise that this one will be extra special!

Visage will be touring in the near future, no details at the moment, again any news will be in the next newsletter.

Steve, when not working in the studio, has been busy decorating his new London flat, as well as assisting interior designer Ben Kelly decorate his new house in Wales. The 'Hacienda' in Manchester was designed by Ben Kelly, so the results of Steve's house should be very interesting.

Steve and Rusty have asked me to thank you all for the brilliant Christmas cards you sent, and especially for the gifts.

We were also overwhelmed by the amount of toys some of you sent for the Camden Palace Toy Appeal, which was held in conjunction with Capital Radio's 'Share a Capital Christmas'. New toys and gifts were collected in the Camden Palace, donated by people visiting the club, passers-by who noticed the appeal, record companies, fan clubs and of course those things you sent.

A 'Sleigh Ride' was organised for Christmas week, Whitbreads supplied two open topped carriages, drawn by Shire horses. One carriage was laden with the gifts, the other with Steve and some of his friends, a couple of the boys from Madness, Carl and Sugsie, Bananarama, Jenny, Stella and Miranda from the Bellestars and Allanah from the Thompson Twins. They paid a call to Capital Radio and from there went on to University College Hospital and local foster homes to give out the presents. By all accounts it was a very good day - great fun was had by all. Once again thanks for sending us your gifts, they were greatly appreciated.

If you live in Wales keep an eye out, in February, for Steve on 'Forty Minutes' (a documentary programme). It was filmed by BBC Wales and starts with Steve's childhood, runs through his career and finally asks him about his future aspirations. The film also includes clips of Steve on the 'Sleigh Ride', n the Camden Palace, at his press office and at home in Wales with his family.

Something else to look out for is a feature in The Mail on Sunday .. Steve has started an agency called 'Creative Workforce' which finds work for stylists, photographers, make-up artists, hairdressers and choreographers. The feature in the Mail on Sunday was styled by Steve using Creative Workforce people for the photograph. If you're talented in any of these fields drop us a line ...

Yet another project Steve is currently working on is opening The Palace in Cardiff, it's just a question of finding the right site and premises.

We still have a few 'Sign Of The Times' and 'Anvil' posters for sale (£1.00 each and a very large S.A.E. - the larger the envelope the better, then we don't have to fold the poster so much).

Old newsletters can be bought at .15p each, please state the number required. We haven't got a copy of Newsletter No 1, if someone could send us a copy we would be very grateful - but please write to us first to let us know if you have a copy (which of course we will return) otherwise we could be inundated with them!

PS. We have chosen 15 lucky Visage Club Set members (all your names were put into a hat) and they have won a signed special promotional copy of Fade To Grey - it is rare as it is the mix that is only commercially available on a cassette and this album has a plain white cover with, of course, Steve and Rustys' personal message to the winners.

June 1984

Newsletter No 8

Dear Visage Club Set

Firstly the news you've all been waiting for... the release date for the new VISAGE single 'Love Glove' b/w 'She's a Machine' (available on 7" & 12" formats) is early August. The video for 'Love Glove' is being shot on location in Paris.

The album 'Beat Boy', is due for release in September 1984 (promise!!), it will include the single 'Love Glove', the tracks heard on the David Jensen session - 'Only the Good Die Young', 'Questions', 'Can You Hear Me' and 'Promises' - the title track 'Beat Boy' and two new tracks.

The present and permenant line-up for VISAGE is now... Steve Strange, Rusty Egan, Gary Barnacle, Steve Barnacle and Andy Barnett. The backing vocals on the 'Beat Boy' album are by Marsha Raven, courtesy of Passion Records, and others. 'Beat Boy' was recorded at Trident Studios, London, between 1982 and 1983 and finally mixed March 1984 at Trident 2, London.

Rusty was also working in the studio with Spear of Destiny on their last single 'Liberator' (Burning Rome/CBS). He then went on to record an old Theatre of Hate song 'Original Sin' with Kirk Brandon, who was with Theatre of Hate before Spear of Destiny, theyÕd decided to do this because 'Original Sin' has always been a favourite of Rusty's.

Not only has Rusty been working on the VISAGE album and with Spear of Destiny but he has also produced Hong Kong Syndikat's 12'' single and album 'Berlin' - available on WEA records.

Steve, in the meantime, was in Paris for the collections in April researching for his styling Jobs for Creative Workforce. He has yet another fashion feature coming out in the Mail on Sunday colour supplement 'You' in the next couple of months. Further projects with the Creative Workforce included the advertising campaign for a new range of Christian Dior Sunglasses.

Steve, as well as Rusty, has been busy working in the studio on other Projects. He has got together with Jennie Bellestar, Steve Barnacle and Gary Barnacle to work on an old Northern Soul Classic 'You're the Love of MY Life' - previously recorded by Brenda Lee Jones, but as of yet there is no release date planned.

Steve has asked me to tell you that his relationship with Thereza Bazar is 'just good friends' and thanks all of you who wrote in congratulating him but the newspapers had got it wrong. Steve would also like to thank all those that remembered his birthday - he was very thrilled to receive all those wonderful Presents and cards.

We stlll need someone to send in a copy of Newsletter No.l - but Please write in to us first to let us know if you have a copy - which we will of course return to you as soon as we have finished with it.

Steve and Rusty would both like to apologise for the long delay you have had in waiting for this newsletter but the management of the fan club has changed hands yet again.