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Where is Steve Strange?
The 'Wales on Sunday' newspaper featured an article on Steve this week
(29. Mar.98) confirming that he is, in fact, living in Wales with his
Mum and sister. He now working at Scott's nightclub in Cardiff, as their
Publicist. He has been suffering from depression following the death of
his close friend, Michael Hutchence, but is now more optimistic about
the future - he plans to put Scott's on the top rated DJ map, open his
own nightclub in Porthcawl and is about to become an uncle for the first time!

Thanks to Rhiannon.

Rusty releasing new maerial?
Rusty has responded... latest news is that Midge is currently number 1 in about 5 countries and the new band they're working with, currently called Countermine, have just signed to Phil Collins' Hit & Run label.

Thanks to David

Rusty shed some light:

What happened to the original three tracks recorded by him, Steve & Midge?

They were Eve Of Destruction, In the year 2525 and can't remember the other. It might have been the Dancer but it might have been Tar rather than Eve of Destruction. Loads were recorded.

In an interview Steve said that some tracks were discarded for use on Beat Boy as they had become dated. What were these tracks and are tapes available?

Can't remember and no!

Wrote to NME to see if they knew about Steve Strange, got this reply (31/7/96):

"Afraid we have no idea what La Strange is up to professionally but when last spotted by NME he was drunk backstage at the Sex Pistols Finsbury Park concert in June this year. He was sporting a tragic beard and hanging out with Tony James, ex-Sigue Sigue Sputnik etc. NME hasn't written anything about SS for a very long time."

MNEhas a great net site which everyone should know about!

Steve says it wasn't him at Finsbury Park!



Steve Strange


The Moores Murderer's

Who are Visage?

Fade to Grey


Out of the ashes of the London punk scene of 1978 rose a new style of club. It started in Meard Street, Soho, on a Tuesday night at a club called Billy's. DJ Rusty Egan and Steve Strange provided the setting for a mixture of art students, hairdressers and fashion designers to become precursors for the New Romantic movement which defined the next style in music - a cross between the emerging New Wave (Ultravox, Gary Numan, etc.) and an escape from the reactionary image of punk. Three factors contributed to the success of the club: the music was sophisticated and danceable (Roxy Music, Kraftwerk, Human League and David Bowie), there was no violence, and the participants ultra-chic appearance. Billy's became too small and Tuesday nights moved across town to Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, in 1979, Blitz became the new location for these early rave parties and the yardstick by which all other clubs have been measured. Club for Heroes became the place to be seen in 1981. When everyone else started to do it, the duo raised close to a million pounds and transformed an old cinema (The Music Machine) into the first "full-time" club location called Camden Palace in April 1982, "Slum it in Style" on Tuesdays was the place to be. Where did Steve Strange fit into this picture? Starting out as a shop assistant at PX, he became the doorman (notorious at Blitz for letting in David Bowie but not Mick Jagger) in the early days and hosted Club for Heroes and Camden Palace. He also designed Visage and described the music as Futuristic.

New Romantics, the full story - A History by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1. On the Channel 4 music show 'The Tube' in 1982. The line up was Steve, Rusty, Billy Currie, Dave Formula and Steve Barnacle. The played Pleasure Boys and The Anvil.

2. At the Monteray Festival in 1984. The line up was as per Beat Boy. Play list unknown.

Visage did a session for Radio 1's David Jensen show in 1984 which was played during an interview with Steve and Rusty. The line up was Steve, Rusty, Steve Barnacle, Andy Barnett and Mulligan (from Fashion) on keyboards. The tracks recorded were Questions, Only The Good Die Young, Can You Hear Me and The Promise.


Steve Strange

Born in Wales, educated at Oakdale Comprehensive School and expelled for dying his hair orange. He was invited to London by Billy Idol. Missed out on becoming a member of Gen X after hesitating on the move. Instead he did artwork for the bands posters, advertisements and album covers. After a short lived existence in a band called the Moores Murderer's and a band called the Photons, he met up with Rusty Egan of the Rich Kids - the rest is History. On March 5th 1986, at the London Hippodrome, Steve Stange unveils his new band, Strange Cruise, which features former Photo's singer Wendy Wu on vocals. The single "Rebel Blue Rocker" was released on 24th February. He resurfaced in 1989 organising club nights around Scotland and giving interviews about how he conquered his heroin addiction.

"I don't wear as much make-up as I used to and I'm not wearing hats as much these days. I'll be sporting the military look for the next few months - lots of leather."

Steve Strange - 1982

Name: Steve Harrington
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 10.5 St.
Sign: Gemini
Birth date: 28/5/59
Birthplace: Wales
Ambition: To actually find a script that I would like to do
Turn-offs: Bad breath, chipped nail varnish
Favourite food: Italian
Preferred performers: Shirley Bassey, Frank Sinatra
All time favourite song: Mother and Child Reunion
Best films: The Damned, Death in Venice
Favourite reading matter: Last Exit to Brooklyn
Favourite outfit: P.X., Melisa Caplan, Anthony Price
Perfect evening: Afternoon tea at the sterling club
Desert island companion: K.W.
Best and worst characteristics: Rude when drunk, I get taken in too easily
Secret: Not telling you


"One bloke recently said to me, 'Cor, mate, you're not on stage now!'- So I turned
round and said to him 'My dear, I'm on stage 24 hours a day'... And I am."

Steve Strange - 1981

"I remember going to gigs in 1977 and being branded as an outcast because I wasn't
wearing the right sort of bondage trousers."

Steve Strange - 1982

"I always like to be different and avant garde."

Steve Strange - 1983


Top 5 Best Dressed Men

1. Edward Fox - Actor
He was superb in Edward and Mrs Simpson and the costumes he wore were just tremendous. Fox has a perfect face, too. A man with a really great sense of style.

2. Quentin Crisp - Gay Author
I like him for his eccentricity. He had an awful lot og guts to walk around in the streets the way he did in those days.

3. David Bowie - Singer
I love the way he never stays in the same guise for too long. People say I copy him, and that's the only sense in which I do. I do admire people who always move on and change.

I would like to include Bryan Ferry, but he's stayed the same for too long. So Adam Ant is number 4. He puts his clothes together very well in a clever and inventive way. He looks great.

5. Me, of course.


David Bowie attended one of Steve and Rusty's "Bowie Night's" at Billy's which was the inspiration for his single 'Boy's Keep Swinging'. It also led to Bowie inviting Steve to appear on his 'Ashes to Ashes' video, you can see him in front of the bulldozer.

Steve appeared on two TDK tape adverts in Japan. The music used was Night Train and Whispers which were both subsequently released as singles.

The Moors Murderer's

Steve Brady (Steve Strange) approached Christine Hindley (Chrissie Hynde) at the Vortex club with the proposal that she help him get a record contract by pretending (no pun intended) to be the guitarist in this fictitious band. He performed three songs for her acapella, the subject was criminals, one about Myra Hidley, one about Capone and the third about the Kray brothers. Chrissie was strongly against the whole concept but got mixed up in the media circus that followed. It even went as far as the press saying there was a single out on the Popcorn label, the songs were supposed to be "Free Myra Hindley" and "The 10 Commandments". Some of the lyrics were:

In nineteen hundred and sixty four
Myra Hindley was nothing more than a woman who fell for a man
So why can't she be free?
Free Hindley!

Brady was her lover, he told her what to do
A psychopathic killer, nothing new
So why can't she be free?
Free Hindley!

Who are Visage?

On Visage

  • Steve Strange: vocals
  • Rusty Egan: drums, electronic percussion, saxaphone, backing vocals
  • Midge Ure: guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Billy Currie: electric violin, keyboards
  • John McGeough: guitar
  • Dave Formula: keyboards
  • Barry Adamson: bass

On The Anvil

  • Steve Strange: vocals
  • Rusty Egan: drums, electronic percussion, saxaphone, backing vocals
  • Midge Ure: guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Billy Currie: electric violin, keyboards
  • Barry playing all the bass guitars
  • Dave Formula: keyboards
  • Barry Adamson: bass
  • Gary Barnacle: saxaphone
  • Perry & Lorraine: backing vocals

On Beat Boy

  • Steve: vocals, keyboards
  • Rusty: percussion, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Steve Barnacle: bass
  • Andy Barnett: guitar
  • Gary Barnacle: saxaphone
  • Marsha Raven/etc.: backing vocals

"When we started Billy's the only music there was the Human League, the Normal, Bowie and Roxy. The Rich Kids were about to split up and had some studio time they knew they weren't going to use, so we decided to record some music we could play at Billy's - that's how Visage started." "The meaning of Visage, apart from being French for face, is that the Vis is for the visual side of the band, the Visa...well, although we canít tour at the moment, as itís impossible to get everyone together, we will do, and like (Spandau) Ballet we wonít do run of the mill stuff, it'll be select gigs - that Visa is going to take us throughout, even if it's only me and Rusty itís going to take us to America or wherever, and the Age is the new age in dance music. That's how I see it."

Speak Japanese? Then check out this page, even has some words to Fade to Grey.

Fade to Grey
Devenir gris

One man on a lonely platform
One case sitting by his side
Two eyes staring cold and silent
Show fear as he turns to hide

We fade to Grey

Un homme dans une gare isolée
Une valise a ses cotés
Deux yeux fixes et froids
Montre de la peur lorsqu'il
Se tourne pour se cacher

We Fade to Grey

Sent la pluie comme un été anglais
Entends les notes d'une chanson lointaine
Sortant de derriere un poster
Espérant que la vie ne fut aussi longue

Feel the rain like an English summer
Hear the notes from a distant song
Stepping out from a back drop poster
Wishing life wouldn't be so dull

We Fade to Grey

The true French words in Fade to Grey thanks to Stéphane Delhautal

Midge Ure, Billy Currie (Ultravox) and Chris Payne (Gary Numan band) are credited with writing the song. Gary Numan shed some light on the matter for the Numan Digest.

"As far as I'm concerned Chris and Billy were the driving force behind writing 'Fade To Grey'. They used to work on it during the sound checks on my '79 tour. Cedric (Sharpley - Gary Numan band) was also heavily involved. In those days it was called 'Toot City'."


  • Fade To Grey (Original 7")
  • Fade To Grey (Live At Rehearsals 27/9/85) b-side of the Midge Ure 12" That Certain Smile
  • Fade To Grey (Dance Mix)
  • Fade To Grey (Bassheads 7" Edit)
  • Fade To Grey (7" Remix)
  • Fade To Grey (Bassheads Dub)
  • Fade To Grey (Bassheads Trance)
  • Fade To Grey (Subliminal Mix)
  • Fade To Grey (Wild Cat Mix)


  • Datura - 1994
  • Fierce Ruling Diva - ?
  • Sector Wave - 1992
  • Mark 'oh - 1997
  • Monumentum - ?
  • Trance to the Sun - 1998 (from New Wave goes to Hell)
  • Nerve Factor - ?


  • U96 - I Wanna Be a Kennedy

Other Covers

  • Psyche - The Damned Don't Cry