Gang of Four

Years - 1977-84 (originally) More in 1990 and 1995 - currently in the studio (April 97)
Best Song - I Love a Man in Uniform (unfortunate victim of Falklands crisis)
Origin - Leeds, England
Driving Force - Political interest (name from Chinese politics)


Formed - in 1981 gary numan decided to join cheap trick to help their ROCK get more electronic -they made some demos that somehow got to ric ocasik from the cars, who liked it so much that he decided to produce it and he hired mark m from devo to engineer it
Origin - an nerd had sex with a robot in iowa city, iowa
Best Song - ummmm ahhh that one song
Driving Force - stopping nerd persecution( listen to -your new song on mp3.com it's an anthem for nerds/misfits) and the power of the allmighty J.R.BOB DOBBS and his church of the subgenuis