Years - 1983-87
Best Song - Fire Island
Origin - Edinburgh, Scotland
Driving Force - Dark Enchantment

Severed Heads

Years - 1979 - ??? (Still going)
New CD due with working titles such as "Methadone Birdies", "Hippy Bonfire" and "The Interpreter (Chinese Christian Olympic)".
Best Song - Up to the listener, there's over 160 songs to choose!
Origin - Sydney, Australia
Driving Force - Hatred for the commonplace



Pete Shelley

Pete Shelley

Years - 1980-86 (Died 6 December 2018 - suspected heart attack)
Best Song - Homosapien (Nowhere in UK but #9 in Melbourne) (Peter Campbell McNeish - aka Pete Shelley died 6 December 2018)
Origin - Lancashire, England
Driving Force - In reference to the future of synthesizers - "People who never played an instrument before will suddenly be able to pick up a Casio VL Tone and they'll write and play their own songs."





Years - 1981-89
Best Song - Lined Up (#25 in Melbourne)
Origin - London, England
Driving Force - "You see, Shriekback can be whatever we want it tot be. It isn't so much that it's a thing within a sructure, but it is the structure in itself."




Years -
Best Song - Angel Face
Origin - England
Driving Force -


Siglo XX

Years - 1980-89
Best Song - The Naked and the Death
Origin - Genk, Belgium
Driving Force - Named after an anarchist movement during the Spanish civil war.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik

Years - 1982-91 (New net only remix soon - we will have credit card ordering or just send money order.. )
Best Song - f111 number 2 uk,,no 1 in europe 21st Century Boy (#19 in UK 16/6/86)
Origin - London, England
Driving Force - me (tj boSSS)




Silicon Teens

Years - 1980-
Best Song - Memphis Tennessee
Origin - London, England
Driving Force - Electronically remixing stale old classics



Siouxie and the Banshees

Years - 1976-96
Best Song - Hong Kong Garden (#8 in UK 16/9/78)
Origin - London, England
Driving Force - The roots of Gothic genre




Simple MindsSimple Minds

Years - 1978-present (original members returning, soundtrack in the works, new album supposed to get back to the early sound - planned for September - and live shows planned.
Best Song - Love Song (#27 in UK 22/8/81, #9 in Melbourne)
Origin - Glasgow, Scotland
Driving Force - Synchronising the atmosphere of words with the atmosphere of music


Sisters of MercyThe Sisters of Mercy

Years - 1980-present
Best Song - Temple of Love (#24 in UK 5/11/83 - '92 remix #7 in UK 9/5/92)
Origin - Leeds, England
Driving Force - Conflicts



Years - 1979-87 (died of heart attack in July)
Best Song -
Origin - US
Driving Force - Philip Lithman - ex-Resident


Snowy Red

Years - 1981-89 (Marcel Thiel - aka Mickey Mike died 27 May 2009)
Best Song - The Right to Die
Origin - Belgium
Driving Force - Micky Mick



Soft Cell

Soft Cell

Years - 1979-84
Best Song - Bed Sitter (#4 in UK)
Origin - Leeds, England
Driving Force - Fetishes


Spandau BalletSpandau Ballet

Years - 1979-90
Best Song - To Cut a Long Story Short (#5 in UK, #10 in Melbourne)
Origin - London, England
Driving Force - "It can get quite dangerous. 'cos I've had people go for my earrings and try to pull them out. I mean, if your earrings got dragged out, you'd rip your ear, wouldn't you?" Steve Norman


spizzSpizz Energy

Years - 1977-the present
Best Song - Where's Captain Kirk?
Origin - Solihull, England
Driving Force - Fame, fortune and the final frontier








Surgical Penis Klinik/SoliPsiK/System Planning Korporation/Sozialistisches Patienten Kolleckiv/SepPuKu

Years - 1978-87
Best Song - Metal Dance
Origin - Sydney, Australia
Driving Force - Industrial disco