Cabaret Voltaire

Years - 1973-present (active in the industry but no albums due yet) - half live here in Australia and the last I heard they were together in England again - so I dunno
Best Song - Just Fascination
Origin - Sheffield, England
Driving Force - Dada art movement, Brian Eno, industrial environment

China Crisis

Years - 1981-future (Kevin Wilkinson died 17th July 1999)
Best Song - Christian (#9 in UK - 26/2/83)
Origin - Liverpool, England
Driving Force - Synth duo turned acoustic for credibility



CCChris and Cosey

Years - 1981-future (just released 'Point Seven', "weird and wonderful music from the exponents of the extraordinary")
Best Song - October Lovesong (Is the 'best song' your choice? If we had a choice it would be: Chris- 'Exotika" Cosey- 'Sleeping Stephen'
Origin - London, England
Driving Force - "Sex is...important to our lives and it invariably overlaps into our work. It's often missing in electronic music, so we consciously inject it into what we do." We are quite happy to leave the Driving Force text as is.

The ChurchThe Church

Years - 1980-present
Best Song - Unguarded Moment (#15 in Melbourne)
Origin - Canberra, Australia
Driving Force - 60's psychadelia moving onto AOR for more success

Anne Clarke

Years - 1982-present
Best Song - Darkness
Origin - London, England
Driving Force - New Wave, comedy, dance and theatre

Classix NouveauxClassix Nouveaux

Years - 1979-83 (The Liberty Recordings 1981-83 (Cherry Red, 4 CDs) - 2021)
Best Song - Guilty (#43 in UK, #14 in Melbourne)
Origin - England
Driving Force - Sal Solo


Clock DVA

Years - 1977- present
Best Song - Bitstream
Origin - Sheffield, England
Driving Force - Technology applied to man (the possibilities)

Close Lobsters

Years - 1986-89
Origin - St. Miran , Scotland
Best Song - "A Prophecy"
Driving Force - High plains drifting ...

Cocteau Twins

Years - 1981-present
Best Song - Sunburst and Snowblind (#31 in UK - 10/12/83)
Origin - Grangemouth, Scotland
Driving Force - Independent success

Culture Club

Culture Club

Years - 1981-86 (and again 1998-present) - touring Australia in Feb 2000
Best Song - Do You Really Want to Hurt Me (#1 in UK 23/10/82-6/11/82, #2 in Melbourne)
Origin - London, England
Driving Force - "I think we're successful, but I want to be more successful than this. I want to have a number one album all over the world at once for six months. And even then I'd want more." Roy Hay