Years - 1982-?
Best Song - Too Shy (#1 in UK - 19/2/83 and 26/2/83)
Origin - Leighton Buzzard, England
Driving Force - The world was big enough for more than one Duran Duran

Kas Product

Years - 1980-86 (reunited in 91 under the name Extravaganza)
Best Song - Never Come Back
Origin - Nancy, France
Driving Force - "We like to work the stage totally different from the records. It's much more violent."



Kids in the Kitchen

Years - 1983-87
Best Song - Change in Mood
Origin - Melbourne, Australia
Driving Force - Australia can do it too - a cross between ABC and Spandau Ballet (of which there was a fine line anyway).

Killing Joke

Killing Joke

Years - 1978-Present (Kevin ‘Geordie’ Walker died 26/11/2023)
Best Song - Love Like Blood (#13 in UK - 2/3/85)
Origin - London, England
Driving Force - "Killing Joke is progressive. We have always made, and will continue to make , music for people who want to think for themselves, who want to ask questions..there is nothing superficial about what we do."



Paul King


Years - 1983-86
Best Song - Love and Pride (#1 in UK - 16/2/85, #8 in Oz)
Origin - Coventry, England
Driving Force - Debut supporting the Mighty Wah, broke supporting Culture Club. Noted for spray painted DM's while Paul King became an MTV VJ.




Kissing the Pink

Years -1981-present
Best Song -what an impossible question! Well, at the moment at least, my favourite is "sighs of love", but their biggest selling single was probably "one step".
Origin -the members met at the royal college of music in london - they were nearly all students there.
Driving Force - hmm. I,m not sure what this means. What compelled them to make music? They were musicians, what else was there! their influences were widespread - jazz (jon hall's dad was a jazz drummer), classical (obviously as they were at music college), kraftwerk, robert wyatt, reggae



Years - 1970-present (Florian Schneider-Esleben died 21 April 2020)
Best Song - The Model (#1 in UK - 30/1/82, 6/2/82 and 13/2/82)
Origin - Dusseldorf, Germany
Driving Force - Simply THE pioneers