Years - 1982-83
Best Song - Only You (#2 in UK, #6 in Melbourne) (NME Rview 27/3/82 - Vince Clarke's departure from Depeche Mode hasn't exactly led to catharsis: 'Only You' could quite easily hve come from the Basildon sponge fancies themslves, though it's watercolours are far more reserved than the corresponding tones in Mode's jingling essays. The emotional dial is on yearning and it trips through a melodic multiplication table that charms a passage to the heart by the end. Sweet. - Richard Cook).
Origin - England
Driving Force - Great pop songs with great vocals


Years - 1979-present 

Best Song - Base for Alec
Origin - Zurich, Switzerland
On an iron plate outside Kassel railway station, West Germany: "On 23/3/1994 between 3-4pm Deiter Meier will be standing on this plate". Was anyone there?
Driving Force - "Usually, Boris comes up with an acoustic idea, we talk about it and then he produces more or less the entire sound picture and sends it (often literally) to me, I sing over it hundreds of times and find an approach to a possible little story and to a possible vocal line. It can also start the other way round, with a verbal idea of a scene, picture or a mood and Boris then, almost like a movie composer, will work from this."


Yellow Magic Orchestra

Years - Late 1970's-?
Best Song - Computer Game (#19 in UK)
Origin - Tokyo, Japan
Driving Force - Technopops (how they used to describe their music)