Steve Strange RIP - 1959-2015


Hi Guys

Please excuse my lack of experience with the Internet, but now with the help of Steph you should be hearing a little more from me. Thank you all for wanting to still find out things about me and now with Steph's trusted help we can keep you up to date on current and future projects. Oh and Ashley thanks a million for all your help and enthusiasm.

All the best

Steve Strange


Thanks to Steph for initiating this dialogue!


In Spin

Fade to Grey

The iciest and most authentically Eurodisco new wave song ever. Frontman Steve Strange becomes the icon of the New Romantics, the short-lived English movement (see also Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran) that worshiped Kraftwerk's robo-beats and mannequin cool. With its absurdly European minor-key melody, melancholic male vocal, and metronomic rhythms, "Fade to Grey" epitomizes the kind of record rock critics hate-until the Pet Shop Boys.


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