The Vapours

The Vapors

Years - 1979-81
Best Song - Turning Japanese (#3 in UK - 5/4/80, #1 in Melbourne)
Origin - Guildford, England
Driving Force - One formed The Cut, one owns a pub in Woking - ever wondered what happened to one hit wonders?




The Venetians

Years - 1982-89
Best Song - So Much For Love (#9 in Melbourne, #3 in Australia, #35 US Dance Charts)
Origin - Melbourne, Australia
Driving Force - "We want to be able to play our music and then pay the bills at the end of the week. Really, we just want to be happy as musicians."

The Virgin Prunes

Years - 1976-86 (in essence)
Best Song - Grey Light
Origin - Dublin, Ireland
Driving Force - "If they can't stand what we're doing then we tell them to fuck off, we don't want them near us. Sometimes we go transvestite on stage. Sometimes we wear suits. We shock."



Years - 1979-85, 2004-10, 2012-15 (Steven John Harrington died 12 February 2015)
Best Song - Fade to Grey (#7 in UK, #1 in Germany, #3 in Oz, #9 in Melbourne)
Origin - London, England
Driving Force - Steve Strange


Years - including all the incarnations, we survived from 1979 to 1986
Best Song - We had a hit dance single in much of the world called "Man From China", but it's debateable if that was really our best song.  "The House is Burning", "I Know Your Room" "Working For William" and "What We Talk About" seem to be the faves.
Origin - The band was based in Los Angeles but was signed to Charisma UK (Polygram worldwide) after Peter Gabriel heard some demos and introduced us to the label he was on.
Driving Force - In the real world, probably the main songwriter, bassist, Mick Muhlfriedel; lead singer for all but the final girl fronted incarnations, Terrance Robay.... and I guess me as a writer, singer and synth player.