Years - 1980-future (new material and live)
Best Song - Poison Arrow (#25 in UK - 20/2/82 and 6/3/82, #3 in Melbourne)
Origin - Sheffield, England
Driving Force - Style

6 feetAbout Six Feet

Years - 1992-future
Best Song - Miasma
Origin - Melbourne, Australia
Driving Force - About Six Feet's approach is the polar opposite of the sequencers-or-die attitude of the BPM gang.

AdamAdam and the Ants

Years - 1977-90 (Adam is of course now solo and involved in films, getting married and performed live with Marco recently)
Best Song - Ant Music (#2 in UK - 17/1/81-31/1/81, #1 in Melbourne)
Origin - London, England
Driving Force - Theatrics from bondage to Indian and beyond


SeagullsA Flock of Seagulls

Paul Reynolds

Years - 1979-present (new live album and new/remix mixed album planned)
Best Song - I Ran (#43 in UK, #9 in US, #1 in Melbourne)
Origin - England
Driving Force - "I always experimented with my hair, doing wild things with it. I wanted the effect of seeing a silhouette and nor knowing what kind of weird beast it was - an owl, a unicorn or what." Mike Score.


Age 1 and 2

Years - 1984-86
Best Song - Dance 51
Origin - Melbourne, Australia
Driving Force - "We deliver,....."


Years - 1984-present
Best Song - Big in Japan (#4 in UK - 22/9/84)
Origin - Germany
Driving Force -

Altered Images

Years - 1979-83
Best Song - Happy Birthday (#1 in UK - 7/11/81, #18 in Oz, #25 in Melbourne)
Origin - Glasgow, Scotland
Driving Force - Shirly Temple punk



Years - 1985 or so
Best Song - Obsession (#5 in UK - 15/6/85, #9 in Melbourne)
Origin -
Driving Force - Obsession

The Art of Noise

Years - 1983-present
Best Song - Moments in Love
Origin - London, England
Driving Force - "...a spanner is intrinsically more interesting than the lead singer of Tears For Fears."
"I don't think there's any talk of the three of us getting back together again. We feel that we wrote some very strong pages in the book of pop music; pages that went to form a very strong chapter. We that there was a definite start, middle and end, and it should be left at that."

AssociatesThe Associates

Years - 1976-90 (Billy McKenzie found dead 22/1/97, Alan Rankine died peacefully at home 3/1/23)
Best Song - Party Fears Two (#9 in UK - 3/4/82)
Origin - Scotland
Driving Force - Billy MacKenzie's pet Whippets