Not trading.

echoimage on Dime

It's so quiet and dark
And I just love being here

For the latest gigs see the FLAC page - will also have any new DVD's on there (just a quick dump from Excel - so no quality ratings but definitely no MP3 - but I am finding MP3 shows in my collection as I test them to upload for bit torrenting - thanks to those who sent them!)

Archived from Dime:






A - Sound board (A+ and A are sometimes interchangeable - usually an A might really be A+)
B - Audience (or what I think is audience) - B+ is excellent therefore B might be very good (may need to adjust some ratings) - for example I would consider B+ to be better sounding than A- and usually as good as an A.  Actually a straight B is quite variable and I will try to explain where possible.
C - Don't consider


I'm not sure what I am looking for anymore
I just know that I'm harder to console

In Echo Park I..........
I pause for effect and whisper "Who are You"

Sellafield 2 will produce 7.5 tons of plutonium every year.
1.5 Kilogram of plutonium make a nuclear bomb.
Sellafield 2 will release the same amount of radioactivity into the environment as the Chernobyl every 4.5 years.
One of these radioactive substances Krypton 85, will cause death and skin cancer.