Formed - 1998
Best Song(s) - Dictoroboter, Cosmic dream, ???
Origin - Malmo, Sweden
Driving Force - Passion, Technology, Happiness, Useless pop

Bellmans Brother

Formed - 1989
Best Song - In my dreams
Origin - Gothenburg, Sweden
Driving Force - We want to mix strange soundscapes with lovely popsongs. This has resulted in some kind of industrial pop, not far from the most brutal parts of Björk's (Bjork if you remove the dots above the 'o') Homogenic album. We believe that electronic music always have to search for new sounds and evolve into new shapes and we hope that we're a part of the musical evolution.


Formed - 1989, with the name Poetica Grotesque
Best Song - Under the name Poetica Grotesque we released the song 'Glaedje' (swedish for joy).Under the new name, Blipp, our best song is probably 'Tvaal' (swedish for Soap').
Origin - Swedish
Driving Force - Our main driving force is the absence of light-minded, fast and truly electronic bands in Sweden. There are a great deal of electro/synth-pop bands around here but most of them make just a bit too gloomy melodies to our taste. No need to mention the joy of using some 80-s analogue synthesizers?

Blue Audio

Formed - 1993
Best Song - One Last Ride
Origin - Champaign/Urbana, IL, U.S.A.
Driving Force - original synthpop with smooth melodies and a strong beat, as well as remixes of classic songs by New Order, Pet Shop Boys, U2, The Cure, and others.


Formed - 1988(?) I wasn't in it then, I'm not sure
Best Song - Dust
Origin - Brisbane
Driving Force - Playing with electronic gadgets. And Substance abuse. :-)

Brave New World

Formed - 1990
Best Song - REGRET
Origin - DETROIT


Formed - early 1997
Best Song - if you mean favorite = "Mary Ann"
Origin - Brian Canham ( Pseudo Echo ) & Darren Danielson ( Roxus / Chocolate Starfish )
Driving Force - Passion for music, and the only way 2 drop outs from Greenwood high school, could ever make any money !