About Six Feet - archive

Formed - late 1992
Best Song - I think 'Miasma' or 'Good Friday'
Origin - Where we're from? Well John and I are both Perth boys, but we met and formed in Melbourne
Driving Force - melody!

Adam &-the Antz

Formed - 1997
Best Song(s) - Neitzche Baby, Puerto Rican, Plastic Surgery
Origin - Chicago, USA
Driving Force - ADAM & THE ANTZ is an historic re-enactment of the original ANTZ in real time (every detail is enacted exactly 20 years after). This is NOT a cover band, it is a "historic recreation!" Down to every detail, from the original 1977+ fliers to meticulous studying of live bootleg recordings, we strive to honestly recreate the original set-lists on the original dates in the original clothes and in character as the original band members.

Admission - archive

Formed - 1996
Best Song - hmm, that must be..The Silence (if you ask me)
Origin - Sweden-(Kalmar)
Driving Force - To perform live

Agnes Poetry

Formed - 1990
Best Song - i'd have to say Catch Me If You Can. It's my personal favorite to perform because of the anger and emotion that are so evident in the music and lyrics.
Origin - Manti, Utah
Driving Force - well, as far as keeping us all going... it's pretty much a joint effort there. we all try to encourage and help each other out all the time. as far as who started it and who keeps things organized, that's me. i'm the manager and publicist for the band. and if you were referring to musical influences... hmmm... well when we first started we were influenced by other bands i guess, like depeche mode, erasure, alphaville, and gothics like siouxsie & the banshees and the cure, and of course the great classical composers like mozart, bach, and beethoven (and many others), but as we've progressed in our music, we've found our inspiration comes more from our own experiences and emotions. it's like our lives write the music for us almost. we've always felt that our music has to be inspired, and when we try to force it, we end up sounding like someone else, or else we'll end up hating what we wrote, so we always just wait till the music comes to us and then we write it all down. it has to come from our hearts and our feelings or else it's not our music. at least that's how we feel about it! we take it all quite seriously, and we really put alot of ourselves into each song we do. well, that's a long answer for a short question!

A New January - Archive

Formed - 1993
Best Song - After Clothes - Check out the Jim Marcus remix on the After Clothes EP.
Origin - Chicago, IL
Driving Force - Eating powdered jello in a dark closet.

Anything Box

Formed - 1986
Best Song - World Without Love
Origin - California, USA (from New Jersey)
Driving Force - Some influences are Beatles, joy division (then new order) kraftwerk, and another tidbit is that their fav. Depeche Mode album is Black Celebration...


Formed - 1995
Best Song - We love all of them, but the most successful so far have been 'The Puzzle of Reflection' (#6 on the Brassovia charts in Lithuania), 'The Rhythm is a Sadist' (Spin magazine PMC cd and the most overall radio play), and 'God's Little Joke' and 'The King' have become some of the most requested songs at popular clubs in Atlanta.
Origin - Atlanta, GA
Driving Force - to make pop music that is meaningful


Formed - 1997
Best Song - No Desires
Origin - Orlando/Chicago
Driving Force - Aria combines the sounds of Depeche Mode/Anything Box/ etc... Our driving force is to create synth music that moves people: makes them cry, laugh, smirk, and feel good. Combining the sounds of 80's synthpop with a new breed of synthesis that can only be ARIA

Assemblage 23

Formed - 1992... prior incarnation Man On A Stage, 1985
Best Song - The Drowning Season, Purgatory, Coward
Origin - Philadelphia, PA
Driving Force - Love of electronics and melody

Automatic - see Dead Eyes Open

Avant Garde

Avant Garde

Searching for a new Record Company.

Formed - Summer of 1991
Best Song - Why me (if you mean one of ours)
Origin - Karlshamn (Sweden)
Driving Force - Playing our songs live!

For more live shots of Avant Garde.


Formed - in 1998
Best Song - Life under glass
Origin - Germany
Driving Force - analog sounds which always sound new and innovative!