Electro Cyber-Goth Page

This page is dedicated to some electro bands I like these days, some are classed as industrial, some gothic, some dark-wave and some a combination of these terms among others. I feel they represent the true alternative music of the '90's and stem largely from the New Wave and synthpop of the early '80's.

Forcing me to believe that I'm repeatingly insane
It seem to never end


Origin: Oslo, Norway

Freezing in this strobing light
My head falls to the ground
Fighting with myself
In search for life

Apoptygma Berzerk - Official

Origin: Fredikstad, Norway

The 2nd Manifesto - Review

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Non-Stop Violence

7 - Review

Soli Deo Gloria, 7 and 2nd Manifesto - Reviews

The Apoplyptic Manifesto

My train of thought is going off it's tracks
My reality is stranger than my fiction

A Split Second

C.O.D. Vengeance - Review

And suit yourself, the learned or sane
You've got the choice, to blow out your brain

Birmingham 6

Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark

Assassinate - Review

Assassinate - Review

Error of Judgement - Review

Assassinate, Mindhallucination and To Protect And To Serve - Reviews

Interview - 22/1/97

Your thoughts closed off
But it's no concern of yours

Cabaret Voltaire

Origin: Sheffield, England


Origin: Dusseldorf, Germany


Origin: Sweden

Einsturzende Neubauten

Origin: Berlin, Germany

In the rain, on the broken glass
The maniac is waiting outside in the dark

Electro Assassin

Origin: England

Bioculture - Review

The Divine Invasion - Review

I open the windows
I'm looking out
I see the emptiness everywhere

Fortification 55

One - You lock the target
Two - You bait the line
Three - You slowly spread the net
And four - You catch the man

Front 242

Origin: Brussels, Belgium

06:21:03:11 Up Evil - Review

06:21:03:11 Up Evil - Review

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Live Code - Review

Front Line Assembly

Origin: Canada

Bill Leeb - Interview after Hard Wired

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Good Courage

Old, Broken & Destroyed - Review

Old, Broken & Destroyed - Review

Leather Strip

Origin: Aalborg, Denmark


Double or Nothing - Review

Getting Away With Murder - Review

The Legacy of Hate & Lust - Review

The Rebirth of Agony - Review

Serenade for the Dead - Review

Serenade for the Dead - Review

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Hold and praise your nearest superstar
I shine bright and shed light from afar
Ninety three million miles to be explicit
Eight light minutes if you're planning a visit



The sky is black
And the night is cold


Origin: Uppsala, Sweden

Secession - Review


Origin: Neustadt, Germany

Your blood-stained dreams
The only truth


Origin: Tampere, Finland

Just then a tiny little dot caught my eye it was just about too small to see
But I watched it way too long and that dot was pulling me down

Nine Inch Nails

Origin: Cleveland, USA

Nitzer Ebb

Origin: Manchester, England

They follow me, that's the price they pay
Vibrating sounds in the air, and the sky is grey

Project Pitchfork

Origin: Germany

Io - Review

Io - Review

Project Pitchfork - Alpha Omega - Review

Foreign objects fornicate

Skinny Puppy

Origin: Vancouver, Canada

Kevin Ogilve - Interview on The Process

Skinny Puppy - Interview archive

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The Process - Review


Origin: USA

So the circle cannot fail
It turns it's endless ways
It turns in endless days


Origin: Nijmegen, Netherlands (1983)

Subsequent Pleasures - Review