The Electronic Music Club

Melbourne, Australia

Early 80's


The Electronic Music Club used to happen at the Central Club in Richmond, a suburb of Melbourne, and feature 2-3 bands each week. "There will be live music, recent videos, disco, and a base for information exchange on electronic music". Some of the featured bands are listed below. The opening night was 23 May 1983.

The soundtrack (60 minute cassette tape) released for the Electronic Music Club on Subterranean Tapes:

  • Second Glance - You Really Got A Hold On Me 
  • 7/8 World - Kitchen Logic 
  • Dance Synthesis - Electromance 
  • Human Backs - Takayama Rising 
  • Donno Detti - Automation 
  • Cannon Fodder - One Ton Sombrero
  • Human Backs - Pulse Music 
  • Boptronics - Another Life
  • Bill Tolson - Basketweavers Of Venice 
  • Lub Dub – Lights
  • Tanzmachine – Inside
  • Shanghi Au Go Go - Un-compatible
  • Tester Housing - An Igloo For Accomodation  
  • Software Seduction - New Collision 
  • Infomatics - The Great X-1 
  • Modern Jazz - Boom Boom Baby 
  • Ollie Olsen - Excerpt From "The Bad Planet" 



Booklet associated with the EMC. As far as I know there was only one edition:

Volume 1 Issue 1 - 3.45MB pdf file.


Donno Detti

jandy rainbow - vocals, programming

julie mcinnes - vocals, saxaphone, cello

joseph sgro - electronic percussion, backing vocals

ross guy - synthesizer, backing vocals

initiated in jan. '83 as an experimental project by jandy and joseph, donno detti has become a fully functioning live & recording unit. the 3 inclusions on the s.t.n.s. were produced by the band with assistance from ash wednesday. engineered by richard brobyn. recorded at quiklik recorders july '84


Human Backs

mal kilpatrick

nina bondarenko

jai mchenry

started in '82 with various electronic and acoustic devices, the current line up is an '84 creation. the band produced themselves with jim atkins mixing. they have a C60 tape available called human backs - obtainable from subterranean tapes


Ides of March

? - ?




philip mckewar

valek sador

steve adam

michael trudgeon

formed in '81, the informatics perform live "occasionally", using a video backdrop. a previous recording was an e.p. entitled dezinformaticsiya. the great x-1 was co-produced by the band & jim atkins who also engineered

Lub Dub

? - ?



Modern Jazz

"We're not really a band, we're more like an intelligence test."

ash wednesday - voice, rhythm programmes

lyn gordon - synthesizer

andrew philpott - synthesizer, tapes

a live-performance oriented group, co-ordinated by ash. it exists as a vehicle for creative input from various sources, this input directed towards mating automated rhythms with human spontanaeity. modern jazz, however ironic a name may be considered to be specifically descriptive in this context. produced by ash. engineered by martin pullan at quiklik

The Black EP - recorded 1 June 1983

Contributors include Ash Wednesday, Al Webb, Steve Williams, Ian Forrest, Warwick Marks, Lyn Gordon & Ruthven Martinus.

  1. Boom Boom Baby
  2. Life In Paris
  3. The Galvanised Garden Of Inner Peace


Mt Erica Hotel 10 February 1982


  • Whole Lotta Shaking Going On 
  • Boom Boom Baby 
  • Piano Lessons  
  • Brain Cathedral 
  • Short Stop 
  • Bubble Head Breakdown 
  • Religious Picture 
  • Engine Noise

The Club, Collingwood 10 December 1982


  • Repeat After Me  
  • Piano Lessons 
  • Radar Radar
  • On TV 
  • Venusian Dreams 
  • Brain Cathedral 
  • Bubble-Head Breakdown 
  • Big Emotion 
  • Religious Picture 
  • Regulator  
  • Overture For You & Me

19 March 1983


  • Bubble Head Breakdown  
  • Sodium  
  • Engine Noise  
  • Life In Paris  
  • Colour Me Red  
  • Jesse James Turd 
  • Nothing Grows In Texas 
  • Airstrike 
  • Cut My Hair  
  • Boom Boom Baby 
  • H2MOD

The Tote, Collingwood 30 July 1983


  • Whole Lotta Shakin Going On
  • Life In Paris 
  • Charlie Brown 
  • 18 Creature  
  • Wild Guess 
  • Hairstyle Exploding 
  • The Galvanised Garden Of Inner Peace 

Nuvo Bloc

peter tesla

ronnie valentine

t.e. power

formed in '79, nuvo bloc made this 4-track recording in a disused studio in north adelaide. engineered by jim (the surgeon) barbour. t.e. power & p. tesla

Crystal Ballroom 18 July 1981 


  • Im A Rock
  • Cameo Bravado
  • Women In Love 
  • Dangerman
  • Beaten To A Pulp
  • Equal Education 
  • Brave New Mind  
  • Not Communicating
  • Extention Green
  • Living Brigade 
  • Fun Times 
  • Atomic Fiction 
  • Western Drugs



Scott Griffiths - keyboards and vocals

Simon Circus - lead vocals

Gordon Graham - drums

David Morgan - bass, keyboards and vocals

  1. Frozen Statues
  2. Time After Time  
  3. Thirst For Taste  
  4. It's All One To Me Now
  5. Start Again
  6. When The Trumpets Blow 
  7. Prey/Pray
  8. Listen

Recorded - 1 July 1982 at C'est Ca Studio, Melbourne.
Produced by David Lord. Engineered by Normie James.

Second Glance

david williams

warwick marks

shackles & chains was recorded at rampant studios, melbourne. produced by second glance and ash wednesday


Shanghai au go-go

chris mort - vocals, rhythm tracks

karen harborow - vocals, synthesizer

(warwick marks - vocals, synthesizer)

(melinda - vocals)

the nucleus of chris & karen gelled in oct. '82 and settled into the current line-up july '84 with the addition of warwick who has worked with modern jazz & second glance. the band have self-financed a video of one of their tracks which obtained a national screening in june. produced by ash wednesday at quiklik. engineered by martin pullan

the band released a tape called "I cried all winter..." of prerecorded and live material. recorded at mooney's, mitford st. live tracks recorded at seaview ballroom - with the usual ballroom crowd. mixed by christian. the usual crowd refers to some drunks off the street who "chatted" with the band, otherwise the venue was pretty much empty

Talk Back
I Cried All Winter

Software Seduction

urszula - vocals, bass guitar

peter badenoch - vocals, guitar

software seduction - sequencer, drum machine

now a 2-piece, software seduction have abandoned keyboards in favour of guitar & bass with a mechanical rhytms section & vocals woven into the overall sound without loss of presence. the style varies with influence but is generally sinuous, slightly funky & always optimistic. produced by eddie rayner. engineer - richard brobyn. quiklik



Nick Heldon - Vocals, Roland JP4, TR-808, CR-78

Kristy Fleson - Vocals, Roland SH 101

Tony Marx - Sequential Circuits Pro - One

Norman Goetz - Pearl Syncussion, Synare 3


Released a tape in 1983 - All Lyrics and Music by Heldon


Side A

  1. Prelude
  2. Straight Windless Air
  3. In Time Japan
  4. From Here to Eternity

Side B

  1. The Writings on the Wall
  2. Light and Sound
  3. Your Face
  4. Inside


The Signal to Noise Set



A1 Informatics - The Great X-1

A2 Modern Jazz - Radio Scream

A3 Dono-Detti - Man Unlimited

A4 Second Glance - Shackles & Chains

A5 Software Seduction - Try

A6 Shanghai Au Go-Go - Talk Back

B1 Dono-Detti - Flesh And Steel

B2 Into The East - I Stand Still

B3 Nuvo Bloc - Living Brigade

B4 Human Backs - Frankenstein

B5 Dono-Detti - Forbidden

Released on Only A Revolution ‎– Only 2 - 1984

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