Formed - 1995
Best Song - I breathe
Origin - Stockholm, Sweden
Driving Force - Well, I guess we just make the music that's close to our hearts. We really hope that other people will enjoy it...well, I guess that's why were on a label.

Vagina Dentada

Formed - 1996
Best Song - NOHAD
Origin - France
Driving Force - Strange music & crazy muscian (live acts) I wanna drive peaple in a "world" out of reality, to put of the depressive part of themselves.

Venus Virus

Venus Virus

Formed - Spring 1996
Best Song - 3 WORDS
Origin - North Hollywood, CA
Driving Force - There is nothing better then the connection that can be made through music. To experience love, pain, joy through another's eyes.

Violet Arcana

Formed - 1993
Best Songs - "Two Lives" and "Blue Void"
Origin - Begin as a desire between David Duddleston and Jeremy Wells to create an original, warm, and organic electronic sound.
Driving Force - Creating music that moves the listener through new realms of consciousness and emotion.

Vision now Mourning After

Formed - in 1991
Best Songs - Of ours? Well Disconnect Me."
Origin - Stockholm / Sweden
Driving Force - To make the music that we would want to hear ourselves.

Vision System

Formed - 1991
Best Song - Promise
Origin - Karlstad, Sweden
Driving Force - I just feel like it. If anyone else likes it, It's fine with me

Visions In Blue

Formed - 1999
Best song(s) - we'll leave it up to you, but if asked i'd say perfect crush, letting go, in these silences.....
Origin - charlottesville virginia, out of frustration with the guitar scene and a love for the eighties, we'd like to put the songwriting back into dance music, and create "sin-pop."
Driving force - to help bring back the music we love, and a return to the blitz.

Voister Litz

Formed - 1991
Best Song - Shame (one of them)
Origin - Karlskrona (Sweden)
Driving Force - All our fans who want to see us play live. To show the youth of today the world of synthetic music.