Temple of Venus

Formed - December 1984
Best Song - L.E.D., I Was a Boy, The Temple
Origin - Bologna (Italy)
Driving Force - I think, briefly: love in our music and in our capabilities

Theatre of Loneliness

Formed - 1991
Best Song - Biological Fear
Origin - Turin, Italy
Driving Force - The project Theatre of Loneliness aims to convey by mean of a mixture of trance-mistic wave music the inner need to express their own feelings toward life and the awareness of being part of an Universe in continuos evolution

The Man

Formed - May 1995
Best Song - Nations Divided
Origin - Frustration with 90's pop music
Driving Force - Enjoyment of programming songs, writing songs, and having people tell me they like the songs. Kinda cool when my close friends will quote lyrics sometimes, too. I guess I just like the act of getting a document of some event or feeling in my life in some form where I can look back on it and see how I felt when I wrote the song. Some people write diaries, some take pictures, videotape, etc.., I write songs. I hope I never stop.

Think System

Formed - late 80's/early 90's
Best Song - New Wave Dancing
Origin - My bedroom in Minneapolis
Driving Force - Silly, minimalist synthpop like early Human League, early Numan, and of course Kraftwerk. Something to do when I'm not playing in either of my punk bands.

Third Door Left

Formed - 1994
Best Song - We always feel happy about our latest song and think that it's the best one so far, otherwise we would have threw it away. Please take some time and listen to some tunes here (available in some weeks, we are working on this page at the moment)
Origin - Gothenburg and Lysekil, Sweden
Driving Force - Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll :-) No, seriously - The three of us have listened to electronic music ever since we were just a few feet high and it feels great to be a part of it. But why 'waste' your spare time in front of the synthesizers every day, you may ask. Simply because it's so damn fun!

This Digital Ocean

Formed - 1991-96 (56K the new TDO minus Tristan and vocals has interest from Virgin in France)
Best Song - Omen,Heartbreaker,Nightmare
Origin - Melbourne Australia
Driving Force - Electronic sounds

This Play

Formed -1995
Best Song - Disco
Origin - Basle, Switzerland
Driving Force - Love...

Total Devotion

Formed - Fall 1992
Best Song - "where the grasses grow"
Origin - inspired by local synth band, bought some keys, the rest is history|
Driving Force - emotion

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Formed - 1999
Best Song - I'll Be OK
Origin - Detroit, Mi.
Driving Force - A pure love of all things electronic and poppy!

Tract Charta

Formed - 1990
Best Song - Of our own? "Traveller in Time"
Origin - Beatles, Depeche Mode, PSB and Tears for fears among others.
Driving Force - The electronic sounds...

Trak Dah

Formed - 1989
Best Song - Emotional Display [EMP700]
Origin - Stockholm, Sweden
Driving Force - More music, more fun!

Tycho Brahe

Formed - 1993
Best Song - Dreams of Dying or Enemy or maybe Dislocation
Origin - Brisbane, Australia
Driving Force - A love of 80's synthpop