Formed - 1995
Best Song - Aldrig (for the moment)
Origin - Stockholm
Driving Force - Create good music


Formed - in the early 80's
Best Song - That's hard to say since so few people have heard any of the songs.
Origin - That would have to be the state of Utah, USA.
Driving Force - Love's making music, even if only a few people hear it. It is a way to get ones feelings out in the open and make a sort of record of ones life.


Formed - early 90's
Best Song - According to myself; "The Fall", "Let me die" amongst others...
Origin - Skellefteå, Sweden
Driving Force - Making music and multimedia.

Scribe Machine

Formed - Fall 1997 by Steve Zahler and Cameron Scott
Best song - Ice Planet Zero - isolation loop
Origin - Seattle, WA
Driving Force - Juno Reactor, Delirium, and Intermix

Secluded Place

Formed - 1992
Best Song - I Remember
Origin -Södertölje, Sweden
Driving Force - Writing the perfect synth popsong.

Second Degree

Formed - Fall 1995 by Steve Zahler. Signed to J-Bird Records
Best Song - Infatuation
Origin - Portland, OR
Driving Force - Pet Shop Boys, Red Flag and Depeche Mode.

Second Sight

Formed - 1988
Best Song - The Seducer and Animals
Origin - Germany
Driving Force - DM, KRAFTWERK, A-ha, Ultravox, Alpaville, Alan Wilder, Erasure

Second Unit

Formed - 1997
Best Song - Sacrifice the Kingdom
Origin - From Sweden - Nora
Driving Force - Just making music!

Selected Area

Formed - 1984
Best Song - Out of control
Origin - Gothenburg, Sweden
Driving Force - To have fun and make the best songs ever!


Formed - 1994
Best Song - Johan says:"I think 'Never Want To Be Like You' on the iNTERkO compilation.". Conny says: "'Let This Feeling Be Forever' on the same compilation."
Origin - We both live in a little town in the middle of Sweden called Vösters situated about 100 kilometers west of Stockholm.
Driving Force - As long as we think we're having fun, we'll continue to play.

Seven Red Seven

Formed - out of Play-doh
Best Song - Big Chief Indian (I learned it in 2nd grade)
Origin - east/west usually
Driving Force - A big white van, but we are saving up for a bus.

Shades of Grey

Formed - 1992
Best Song - Emotional
Origin -San Bernardino, CA
Driving Force - Passion for music

Shifting Hope

Formed - 1997
Best Song - january one
Origin - torrance ca.
Driving Force - erasure, DM, anything box and darkness

Silent Voice

Silent Voices

Formed - Silent Voices has been existing since 1993. In 1995, David joined us as a leadsinger because we wanted a frontman the old one never was.
Best Song - We cannot say what our best song is, but almost all people say it is "And now we're falling" !
Origin - We are living in Saarbruecken, the capital of the state "Saarland", it's in southern Germany (very near France).
Driving Force - Our driving force? Our fans, the fun we have, to see our success and the will to keep SynthPop alive!

The Silent Wave

Formed - 1998
Best Song - A Little Confession
Origin - Tel Aviv, Israel
Driving Force - The passion for music

Silicon 39

Formed - 1998
Best Song - Tree From The Bark
Origin - South Africa, but now living in NJ, USA.
Driving Force - Love of music, technology, and synthesisers.

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Formed - late 1994
Best Song - 'Följ Mig' & 'Lady of the Forest'
Origin - Malmö, Sweden though we lived in Olofström when we started!
Driving Force - The stories by J.R.R. Tolkien

Sister Friction

Formed - Recently.
Best Song - I like them all.
Origin - Minneapolis, MN USA
Driving Force - Having fun.

60 Degrees

Formed - 1993
Best Song - Hard to say since everyone has got their own favourite. Possibly Icebreaker, The Spy who Loved Me or Soldier of Fortune.
Origin - Goteborg, Sweden.
Driving Force - To make great pop songs, to maintain a unique style, to make our music heard by as many people as possible, to get respect.

Slender Flame

Formed - In 1991
Best Song - Love&hate, Vergiss mich
Origin - Hannover, Germany
Driving Force - The love to electronic music

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Formed - 1998
Best Song - We've just finished a new demo with the following songs: 1. Broken; 2. Knife; 3. Almost impossible; 4. Slinky but look out for EVOL, Yello Mello and I Don't Think So
Origin - London, UK
Driving Force - to produce classic (pop) songs that move; songs that scar; songs that groove; songs that bury themselves deep into your head and stay there for the rest of your life

Space Robot Scientists

Formed - 1997
Best Song - Fuck You Doctor, Sanitize, Already Yesterday
Origin - Commack, NY
Driving Force - We attempt to destroy a universe of boring music

Static Icon

Formed - 1990
Best Song - Taste The Pain
Origin - Adelaide, Australia
Driving Force - Humanity and all it offers



Formed - 1992
Best Song - Get real. How could I pick >one<?
Origin - From Stockholm and Nyköping, in Sweden
Driving Force - Been asking myself for ages now. Don't know.

For more live shots of Statemachine.

State of Being

Formed - 1989
Song - "X Approaching -1"
Origin - Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Driving Force - Well, for me at least, it was a drive that started at an early age: a passion for music. At first, I didn't have an instrument or anything, so I started writing lyrics, and songs in my head. My favorite subject is existence (which is where the name came from). Years later, I figured out how to use technology to express myself musically. Since then, we have a brilliant four piece band -- the energy and passion keeps it going.

Station Obscen

Formed - Summer of 1989
Best Song - Heal My Soul - crucimix
Origin - Sandviken, Sweden
Driving Force - Electronic music has a tendency to sound steril and dull. We hope we can change that by making our music as living as possible, and explore the grey gap between synth pop, ebm and gothic rock. Great influences: FLA, Nitzer Ebb, DM, Kraftwerk, F242, Skinny P., Tangerine Dream, everything electronic, really.


Formed - 1988
Best Song - Sad to See, Perfect Man, Sleep
Origin - Copenhagen, DK
Driving Force - Music itself was the driving force. Heavily inspired by the British post-punk New Romantics wave from the beginning of the eighties, Stealth's influential bands included Depeche Mode, The The, Visage, Stranglers, Heaven 17, and REM. Probably the most prominent inspiration was the early-eighties work of Ultravox, the widely celebrated masters of the New-Wave style.

Sub City Cinema

Formed - 1994
Best Song - Once and always King
Origin - Gothenburg, Sweden
Driving Force - new musical territories to be conquered


Formed - 1996
Best Song - Tonight
Origin - Fredrikstad/Sarpsborg, Norway
Driving Force - To continue making great electronic pop music!


Formed - Memorial Day 1995
Best Song - Start
Origin - We were getting a little "tipsy" at a bar before an Anything Box concert and the idea to form a band came up. Two of us had done solo work before that.
Driving Force - Anything Box, Depeche Mode, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys.


Formed -
Best Song - It's a Lie
Origin -
Driving Force -