Formed - (under this name): Jan 1999
Best song - Into Sleep
Origin - Cape of Storms, South Africa
Driving Force - I want my music to move people in the same way I have been moved by the legacy of brilliant synth music.

Rational Youth

Formed - 1981 (we took a few years off!)
Best Song - Saturdays In Silesia, Dancing On The Berlin Wall, Beware The Fly
Origin - Montreal, Quebec
Driving Force - Tracy Howe & Bill Vorn, AND our supporters in Scandinavia and Germany who made us pull up our socks and get back at it!


Formed - Summer 1995
Best Song - "Maren" from the Album CD "GREED" and "Crazy Minds" from the E.P.CD "Crazy Minds"
Origin - Pasewalk/Germany
Driving Force - Sampler and the Sound of Future!

Red Flag

Formed - 1987 or so
Best Song - Count to Three
Origin - San Diego, CA, USA
Driving Force - 2 brothers

Red Sector 1

Formed - We were formed, as the band we know as of 1994.
Best song - That's a hard one. I would say "hope in my eyes"
Origin - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Driving Force - The resurgance of new wave synth. I believe it will make a comeback. Realistically in the next century, when everyone gets sick and tired of listening to the same music our parents listened to.Reflected Image

Reflected Image

Formed - 1990 as Reflected Image, 1988 as New Life
Best Song - Frank: The Theatre; Tom: Members of Glory (both as mp3 )
Origin - Aachen, Germany
Driving Force - achieving the best combination of powerful and melodic synth-pop. The main influences are Soft Cell, New Order, Erasure, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and Talk Talk!

Rescue n.e.p.

Formed -1992
Best Song -Break the fall
Origin -Germany (Thuringian)
Driving Force -?