Formed - While on an illegal substance
Best Songs - Frontiers, Crazy, Jump Rope, Acid Rain
Origin - In the far depths of James Elvidge's mind.(Spokane,WA. USA.
Driving Force - Intelligence, Creativity, Talent, Looks, etc...

Panic on the Titanic

Formed - 1991
Best Song - depends on who you ask.... "crystal-clear", "l'enfer", "lies", "voice of God", ....
Origin - Basel, Switzerland
Driving Force - Passion for good music, synthetic sounds, hammering electro basslines and multi-layered arrangements.


Formed - 1989
Best Song - Let the listener decide
Origin - Provo, Ut.
Driving Force - Our Father in Heaven, the power of music, and the people of the world who need the two combined.


Formed - late 1995 by founder and songwriter Ralph Dix Paradoxx is Lissa - vocals, Ralph - keyboards,vocals,bass Steve - keyboards, programmes
Best Song - "submission" did very well in the clubs , here and overseas but "romantic was a radio favorite
Origin - Perth, Western Australia
Driving Force - Holy trinity, New order, (early) Mad at the world, Boxcar, The Church,LSU, Depeche mode and Joy division.

Per Norin

Formed - 1983
Best Song - "Big", "In our time","Oh mother earth"
Origin - Bollns, Sweden
Driving Force - To make really good music with our synthezisers.


Formed - 1994 / 1995
Best Song - Machines
Origin - Hamburg, Germany
Driving Force - strong melodies and lots of flexibility of the 3 members Sven, Janne and Rico

Pivot Clowj

Formed - Pivot Clowj was formed in 93/94
Best Song - ??? Hmmmm. that's a tough question.
Origin - Orange County, California USA
Driving Force - Life, hope, dreams, and electronics.


Formed - 1995
Best Song - Hard to tell, it varies from time to time.(Rebellion on our debut album "In vanity we trust" is what we like the best at the moment
Origin - Greaker. Norway-100 kilometers south of Oslo
Driving Force - To create the perfect pop song.

The Prids

Formed - 1998
Best Song - Glide,Screamer
Origin - Lincoln,Nebraska
Driving Force - love of music. In our music we want to make others feel the intense emotions we do when hearing our favorite bands.


Formed - November 2000
Best song(s) - Visualize, My Only Question, December Morning
Origin - Houston, Texas
Driving Force - Our Fans, and Our Love for Analog.


Formed - Edmonton, Alberta Dec.13, 1982
Best Song - Unveiling The Secret, Murder In Your Love
Origin - Darrin and Stephen Huss, Canada/ Per-Anders Kurenbach,Germany
Driving Force - Our brains and our hearts and some synthy noises