Formed - 1996
Best Song(s) - My personal favorite is the entire "Unplugged" album, which - Orbitronik being a synth band - you understand is pretty much silent. Otherwise, the tune "Orbisexxxual" has been getting a lot of airplay, so has the quintessential electro-pop wonder "Orbitronik Manifesto" which features just about every classic trick in the book.
Origin - Somewhere in close orbit to your planet, between Chicago and Northern California.
Driving Force - To entertain ourselves and all the right people... and also, perhaps, to piss off all the right people ;-)


Formed - In the spring of 1997, and have been going strong since.
Best Songs - Though we tend not to judge our material as best to worst, our most popular song is "Dying to be beautiful".
Origin - We originated in Nashville, TN (U.S.A.) amidst a sea of country and christian music. Our melodic synth-new rock sound to big notice in a town where the last time that there was more than one synth player on stage was when Depeche Mode came here in 1988.
Driving Force - Our Driving force is the future, and the wanting to let people know that they are not alone in their dark times.