Formed - january 1991
Best song(s) - Space Divider, Parallel, Neuron
Origin - Finland Tampere
Driving Force - Love of analog synthesizers.. Machines does it better!


Formed - 1994 (New CD available)
Best Song - New Faith - Very Mode this one, dark and moody with lush strings and tense moments, cool retro Lindrum claps and plenty of rouge.
Origin - Sydney, Australia. Formed in 1994 when Jason Last, Katrina Hughes & Albertine Martinez decided to bring our musical influences together to form an outfit where we could express our taste for 80's electro.
Driving Force - Three into one, Albertine concentrates on programming, arrangements & production, Jason's talent is songwriting, vocals & sounds; Katrina is great for lyrical ideas, overall feel & keyboards.

New Clear Sky

Formed - January, 1997
Best Song - "New Clear Sky" and "Acid Test"
Origin - New York City
Driving Force - The power of the human experience. More specifically, classic opera to classic synth. Mouth = Robert Dombrower, studied with NYC Metropolitan Opera Tenor Richard Cassilly. Hands = Robert Cotnoir, exclusive programmer/technical designer for composer Howard Shore whose work can be heard on the "Cop Land", "The Game", and "eXistenZ" soundtracks.

Noise Reduction

Formed - 1997
Best Song - decide for yourselves
Origin - Paris, France
Driving Force - Variety of music