Madmen in Vienna

Formed - 1994, founded while band members were studying at different universities.
Best Song - Desade's Dance Party or eXcited. Both of which contain infectious pop hooks, layers of electronic "madness," and New Wave imagery mixed with techno-dance fever
Origin - A handful New Order, Pet Shop Boys, and Shamen singles, a couple of Roland synthesizers, a well too viewed copy of a Duran Duran live video, a stack of Vogue Magazines and a vision for the destiny of music
Driving Force - We want music to mean something again. We miss the "lost boy" imagery of the 80's bands like Alphaville, New Order, Visage. We try to make music fun, while also having lyrics with some substance. We're also a band that plays out - we detest sitting in the studio for months, mulling over remixes. So check us out!!

The Man

Formed - May 1995
Best Song - Nations Divided
Origin - Frustration with 90's pop music
Driving Force - Enjoyment of programming songs, writing songs, and having people tell me they like the songs. Kinda cool when my close friends will quote lyrics sometimes, too. I guess I just like the act of getting a document of some event or feeling in my life in some form where I can look back on it and see how I felt when I wrote the song. Some people write diaries, some take pictures, videotape, etc.., I write songs. I hope I never stop.

Mazarine Bleu

Formed - Never and forever. The name came up around '91. The trio is based on a duo. We are the base, but the bass joined later. So did others ...and disappeared. We are constantly forming.
Best Song - We wonder too.
Origin - Stockholm, Sweden.
Driving Force - Coffee and all the great beauty in the world.

Memory Garden

Formed - (TMG) 1995 through a strange twist of fate
Best Song - (TMG) Our fans would say "Someone"; we haven't written ours yet : )
Origin - (TMG) Southern California
Driving Force - (TMG) A desire to wring emotion out of the technology we use and have our art appreciated; to express ourselves through music and have people singing our songs; to put on the best live show around...

Men In Black

Formed - 23rd of Mars 1997
Best Song - The truth is out there
Origin - Stockholm, Sweden
Driving Force - X-files


Formed - First demo's 1991
Best Song - Rich "Despised" : Neil "Confined" : Mark "Last Breath of you"
Origin - Bristol, England, UK
Driving Force - Hearing from people that listen to our music.

Min Gys

Formed - in 1995 in Moscow
Best song - Blind In Your Purse (#4 in Lelik's Charts :))
Origin - Moscow, Russia
Driving force - creativity, rain, pain, suffering

Misfits Of Science

Formed - 1997
Best Song - Most probably "Captain, oh I don't know how" and "Can't touch you now"
Origin - Germany
Driving Force - the 80s, New Wave, NDW, Duran Duran, Huey Lewis and the News, the fact that we don't like modern music too much, New Romantic, 80s, 80s, 80s, ...

Mobile Homes

Formed - 1984
Best Song - "Love to be loves" leads the voting for best song rightnow!
Origin - Stockholm
Driving Force - Perform live and become famous.


Formed - 1993
Best Song - "Fragile Girl" from the old stuff. "Thrill" from the new stuff.
Origin - Atlanta, GA, USA
Driving Force - striving to make well-crafted power pop music like you don't hear anymore


Formed - 1996
Best Song - Acres Of Men (could this be heaven)
Origin - Melbourne, Australia
Driving Force - Bringing our electronic pop to the live stage no matter where in the world it takes us. Melodies...we love synthpop music with melodies... there is more to modern electronic pop than just 'thump, thump, thump'!!!


Formed - 1991
Best Song - Amplified Nothing
Origin - Bjarnum, Sweden
Driving Force - fear

Moulin Noir

Formed - As "Moulin Rouge" 1987, "Moulin Noir" since 1992
Best Song - The House of Richard III
Origin - Just relocated to Stockholm, Sweden
Driving Force - Finally some day writing as song as good as "The Damned Don't Cry"

Mourning After (ex Vision)

Formed - in 1998
Best Songs - Of ours? Well right now: Dawning of Love and Never the Same
Origin - Stockholm / Sweden
Driving Force - To make the music that we would want to hear ourselves

Mulder's Files

Formed - 1995 or so, but didn't actually get off our ass and finish a song or play live until 1998
Best Song - Haven't written it yet, I hope. Of those we have, I'd say "The Alien Song," except we already released that as an Ice IX song, so maybe "trustno1."
Origin - Spatial: Hollywood, CA, right by Paramount Studios and the post-club 3am Denny's. Temporal: 1995, as above, 4am. Causal: an "X-Files" marathon, half an episode of "Family Ties," a fifth of Bacardi light rum, and a fifth of Old Crow bourbon.
Driving Force - the obvious--The X-Files; Swedish synthpop (especially S.P.O.C.K.); celebrating my geekiness; a desire to do something outside of Ice IX; the driving need to use the brilliant pun names "Michael J. Fox Mulder" and "Alex P. Krycek" (well, OK, they were brilliant at 4am); the almost as driving need to find decent puns related to Sculley, Skinner, etc.; the mind control waves that the government broadcasts into my brain when I forget the tinfoil hat; bouncy melodies; silly lyrics; any drugs which aren't illegal yet in California (still including cigarettes, at least for this month...); MacOS and BeOS and linux; Roland and Korg and Moog and Ensoniq and Peavey; and of course, as always, the lessons I learned from Mr. T's "Be Somebody" video.

My Rubicon Seven

Formed - "My Rubicon Seven" was formed in April of 1997 by Brandon Thompson, formerly of "Rule Of Faith." It was more of a name change than anything else...both members of ROF (John Cordes and Brandon Thompson) are still the primary figures in the new group. As "Rule Of Faith", Brandon & John made quite an entrance into the Christian synth scene, but after much consideration they decided to take a more mainstream route with their music and their message.
Best Song - Absolutely "Don't Let It End This Way", which will soon be released as the title-track on the upcoming full-length CD
Origin - The origin of the name "My Rubicon Seven" is very spiritual. "Rubicon" is often used to denote a point of no return and the number "7" is often considered the number of perfection or completion. Well, in keeping with that, "My Rubicon Seven" is the personal decision or circumstance which eventually makes us complete as humans.
Driving Force - Whew....there's a lot of driving forces.
1. Being able to quit our day-jobs someday.
2. To be able to walk in an elevator someday and hearing someone hum a song of ours.
3. To see at least one person smile just a little longer than normal because of something we wrote.
4. To use the talents that God gave us in whatever way He sees fit.

The Mystic Underground

Formed - January 1998 (formerly The Vanishing Point)
Origin - Long Island, New York, USA
Best Song - These days we are growing so much that we think our best song has yet to be written but we are getting ever so close to reaching it. We believe that people will fall in love with songs such as The Wanderers, True Believer or Swansong
Driving Force - Three individuals brought together by the love of electronic music with one goal to take over the planet and create a widespred musical revolution of the United States and beyond! Diverse influences include: Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, DM, Joy Division, The Cure, 2Unlimited, Rush, Duran Duran, Pulp..etc... Come enter The Mystic Underground