Leif Karate

Formed - 1999
Best Song - Alien 99
Origin - Sundsvall, Sweden
Driving Force - we know we are the best and we're gonna show it!!

The Light Beyond

Formed - 18th November 1995 as a pure synth/pop duo. Since 1998 it's a one man band with guest musicians (guitar, bass, maybe more in the future)
Best Song - Some people say it's Fight The Sleep, others tend to like Ninety-nine Times or Need You So Bad (available as a MP3 file) better. In my opinion it has not been written yet. Now I'm working on a song called Blond Beast and I hope it will be a sure hitsong. However, all I got so far is just a part of the chorus (Blond beast, stop ruining my life) ;-))
Origin - Pinko/commies power ! I / we are from Prague, Czech Republic
Driving Force - Sexual frustration

Lorelei De Lux

Formed - 1992
Best Song - Solsting (swedish for "sunstroke")
Origin - Linkˆping, Sweden
Driving Force - All the songs and sounds that aren't discovered yet.