Formed - 1997
Best Song - i can't think of any
Origin - Stockton Ca
Driving Force - To do what you really want without REgret :) or The love and passion for making music. NEver give up , always have a new goal to set, and believe in your music and selves.
Look for our debut double A side single "A Loss of touch/Under the moon" and our debut album "In your mind"


Formed - KieTheVez was formed 2/2 1991 when Jesper Palmqvist joined the band. I (Tomas), Per-Henrik and Jörgen has played together since 1986
Best Song - The latest one is always the best song
Origin - All four are from Gothenburg, Sweden
Driving Force - The driving force is the way towards perfection. We will never find it, and that thing is like a drug. To always improve is the reward, and to some day make the perfekt album will be a dream which we will be striving for, but never achive. The making of the music is the main thing it self.


Formed - 1986
Best Song - At the moment of creation every song is the greatest ine
Origin - Uppsala/SWEDEN
Driving Force - Bring the past into the future, and further...