I Satellite

Formed - January 1st, 2000
Origin - Earth
Best Song - Automat
Driving Force - Autodrone


Formed - A.D 2000, the dawn of the new millenium
Best Song - 16 Feet of Broken Glass
Origin - San Francisco, Ca
Driving Force - synthesizers will save us all

The Inertia Case

Formed - July 1997
Best Song - as of this entry, it has yet to be written!
Origin - New York City
Driving Force - Catchy melodies and smooth vocals add up to a killer synthpop combination -- once you've heard us live, I think you'll agree that this is inspiration enough!


Formed - 1997
Best Song - Infatuated Mind
Origin - Wales. UK Down the slab (you'll get it one day)
Driving Force - To be in the next New Wave forefront, just as the Strange, Numan,Ure were.The Future of Music, The 80's is coming back, mark my words....................

Information Society

Formed - 01/82
Best Song - ? What, in my opinion? Empty 3.0, from the new album.
Origin - Minneapolis
Driving Force - Electricity


Formed -
Best Song -
Origin -
Driving Force -


Formed - March 2000
Best Song - Domino Effect, Believe You
Origin - Dallas, TX USA
Driving Force - To find our place in this world


Formed - 1992
Best Song - Annie Would I Lie Tou You
Origin - Texas
Driving Force - To write and produce good music.