Hardly Mechanical

Working on an Internet site but nothing finished so far.....

Formed - Originaly in 1986, been through a lot of different incarnations and slowly dying. Reborn in 1996 again. We have members of our group living in New York, Luxembourg and Stockholm.
Best Song - "Stranger in my House" so far but watch out for our new CD in 1998
Origin - Stockholm, Sweden
Driving Force - The feelings and power in the music made in the 80's. A good song needs a strong melody, something too often lacking in todays music. A lot of influence from Pet Shop Boys and Depeche. Melody with melancholy and lyrics with something else than only "Oh baby I love you". Music with strong beat and powerful sounds.


Formed - September 1995
Best Song - reality-TV
Origin - Southwest of Germany
Driving Force - We are often compared to the PetShopBoys or even New Order (heaven knows why...).
But in fact we just want to do our own thing, which is (synth) pop-music for the future. Good music. Danceable music.