Formed - 1997
Best Song - impossible to choose
Origin - California, USA
Driving Force - classic analog electro-pop


Formed - October, 1986
Best Song - Foreign Calling, Alibi
Origin - Columbia, Maryland USA
Driving Force - Ultravox, Visage, B-Movie, IceHouse, tunes that move the skin . . .


Formed - October 1995 originally as a shoegazer band
Best Song - I think probably Memoir, from our latest EP, other people swear on Her Ghost from our first LP.
Origin - Columbus, Ohio
Driving Force - To create a truly unique form of expression. We don't fall neatly into any one genre, but delve into as many as we can, whether it's new wave, gothic, industrial, ethereal, or whatever. Our influences range from The Cure to the Cocteau Twins, Berlin to Joy Division, Pink Floyd and the Church. And more than one of us have quite a few Cult albums lying about.

Gu Qin

Formed - 1997
Best Song - Today it's "Otherworld", tomorrow probably "Sweet"....
Origin - Lund, Sweden
Driving Force - Joy.