Faith Assembly

Formed - While I was living in England (sometime between 1989-90,.. I believe?)
Best Song - It's a little on the subjective side. But my personal favourite songs are: "Denial"(Shades of Blue"), "Evil Twin Sister" (on the New album due out in May!)
Origin - Origin of what?:-)
Driving Force - Many things really. It really makes my day when people will write in or tell us that "Faith Assembly's" music moves them or makes their life a little better. It's VERY touching and inspiring!! It also allows me an outlet. A form of expression and communication that words alone sometimes aren't quite good enough for.

Film Noir Allies

Formed - 1995
Best Song - "New democracy", "American express"
Origin - Tel-Aviv, Israel
Driving Force - greed. and of course the urge to form some sort of EBM scene in Israel.


Formed - Unofficially: 1989, Officially, under current name: 1995
Best Song - "Someway, somehow" (see 'Rising: Synthpop vs the World')
Origin - Richmond, California, USA
Driving Force - The fact that we CAN'T DO ANYTHING ELSE. In 1998, however, we can also say that we need to keep going because a vast majority of music on the radio is really, really bad. Our three biggest influences at this point are probably Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, and Garbage.

First World

Formed - 1995
Best Song - Hello Hello (Strange)
Origin - Located Melbourne Australia; members from Australia, Thailand, Greece, Italy/Romania
Driving Force - To bring interesting, creative electronic based music to everyone who likes the dance and pop genre. To promote multiculturalism and collaboration between different ethnic groups, as achieved by the four diverse members of the band and our working partners (additional live members and studio producers, DJs, dancers etc).