Dark Light

Formed - Darklight was formed in 1994, but some of the songs on the debut album are from previous incarnations as far back as 1987.
Best Song - Our fans and friends think "Everlasting" is our best, but we feel "Sometimes" or "Look Up" is probably the best.
Origin - Southern California
Driving Force - To be able to "touch" someone out there listening to our music, and hopefully make a difference in their life.

Dark Side Cowboys

Formed - 1993
Best Song - oops don't know really... perhaps "UnfortuNataly"
Origin - Umeö, Sweden
Driving Force - instruments...


Formed - 1994 (formerly of the band The Innocents)
Best Song -I Could Be So Fortunate; More Each Day
Origin - San Francisco, California
Driving Force - To create great, fun and throught-provoking electronically-created music that's fun to listen to!

Dead Eyes Open

Dead Eyes Open (now Automatic)

Formed - D.E.O - 1988 Switched to AUTOMATIC in 1994
Best Song - Depends on who you ask... Me (Joni) I think DOWN on the new album is the best. But i guess Pete´s more into REMOTE CONTROL.
Origin - Trollhättan SWEDEN
Driving Force - To make music and have fun in this crazy world.


Formed - 1994
Best Song - Two songs that we are satisfied with are Always The Same (mp3) and The Prophet (mp3)
Origin - Stockholm, Sweden
Driving Force - Conquer the world.... at least....

The Der Brains

Formed - 1998
Best Song - Most people like "79-81"
Origin - Melbourne, Australia
Driving Force - Bad jokes

Derrier le Miroir

Formed - Spring 1992
Best Song - Always hard to decide. But to mention some: Alibis, All mine, Over, Mirror, G.T., Lost, Gold, Passion, Death Behind One's Brow
Origin - Karlsruhe (Germany)
Driving Force - Besides the fact that we are music maniacs since our youth, the main reason for making music is just the try to reach related souls. Writing a song is just like writing a page into your diary - with the hope that someone reads and understands it.

Desolation Madness

Formed - 1998
Best Song(s) - Hmm... it must be "The Truth Hurts" so far.
Origin - Botkyrka(Southwestern Stockholm), Sweden.
Driving Force - ï 80's Nostalgia ï Bruitism ï Classical Music ï Democracy&Justice ï Electronics ï Feminism ï Fine Arts ï Futurism ï Humanism ï Modernism ï Monoteism ï Optimism ï Pacifism ï Science ï Sci-Fi ï Socialism ï Ufologi ï Synthesizers&Samplers&Drummachines etc..(specially Vintage[Analogue]) ï Underground Music- in particular Synthmusic(New Romantic/Synthpop/EBM/Industrial) ï Visionism ï .



Formed - July 1988
Best Song - try to forget
Origin - Germany
Driving Force - Future


Formed - 1991
Best Song - hard to say, we like them all. Many people seem to prefer "Confession"?
Origin - Germany
Driving Force - Distain! - what else...


Formed - 1996
Best Song - NO FURTURE
Origin - Karlskrona,Sweden
Driving Force - Old Depeche Mode


Formed - about 1993/94 (in todays lineup) originally 1990
Best Song - you decide (maybe dye, jackson305, candide, picture, atest2....)
Origin - vienna, austria after being inspiredduring a trip to Fremont, OH-USA
Driving Force - love for the music, fun, trying to do something different than everyone else


Formed - 2002, in the summer
Best Song - Frozen
Origin - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Driving Force - to make good music that anybody can enjoy

Dyed Emotion

Formed - Summer 1998
Best Song - Lurking in the Balance
Origin - Seattle, Washington
Driving Force - Dyed Emotions is a trio of musicians from Seattle dedicated to bringing new wave music back to the mainstream and breaking the cycle of repetitive, cloned punk rock.