Formed - 1984
Best Song - Love is a Shield
Origin - Bietigheim, Germany
Driving Force -

Captive Audience

Formed - early 1998
Best Song - "Dream Engine" from the album "We Are Each Other's Baby"
Origin - North Carolina, but more accurately we originated in a fourth state of consciousness, neither sleeping nor dreaming nor waking
Driving Force - We are driven by the cycle of the earth's moon, nearly
always producing new material when it is full.


Cause & Effect

Formed - 1989
Best Song - You Think You Know Her (#24 Billboard Hot 100, 1991).
Origin - California
Driving Force - Love of intelligent pop.

For more live shots of Cause and Effect.



Formed - 1993
Best Song - In my opinion Madness, and Material Severance
Origin - Nouveau Zelandie
Driving Force - There is the melancholic atmosphere of gothic music, the violence of industrial, the glam of EBM and new-wave, and a spacey, eerie ambience. The sound and style cannot be defined or generalised as one genre. Cavernous' influences have been picked up over the years from such sources as Depeche Mode, A-Ha, Joy Division, Gary Numan, David Bowie, and The Cure.


Formed - November, 1997
Best Song - Remember
Origin - San Jose, California USA
Driving Force - To combine elements from current experimental electronic music with classic pop.

Children Within

Formed - 1991
Best Song - Collective Minds, Serpent of life ( according to Joakim Thureby )
Origin - Sweden, Tranas
Driving Force - Music in itself is the driving force in music-creation. To explore and create new soundscapes can be an interesting journey into a new strange-sounding world. I guess you can call it escape of reality. We all love electronic music, and we find it interesting to be a part of the electronic music-scene.

Chinese Detectives

Formed - Summer 1995
Best Song - "Situation" (or maybe "I Want A Lover")
Origin - We're from Sarpsborg, Norway
Driving Force - Per Aksel Lundgreen (and the novelty of doing cover versions!!)

Color Theory

Formed - Brian Hazard began using the name Color Theory with the release of "Sketches In Grey" in 1994
Best Song - I think the consensus is "Heart Like A Doll", though my favorite is "September Spoke In Red"
Origin - Huntington Beach, California
Driving Force - to connect

Common Dream

Formed - 1991 as OXYGENE, but we make synthpop songs since 1993 and since May 1996 as COMMON DREAM.
Best Song -"World Of Your Dreams"('cause it's our first song released) and personally I think that "We're different" will be our best song when we finish it.
Origin -Tarnow, Poland.
Driving Force - to play romantic, strong synthpop songs about love and life...


Formed - Cosmicity is a one-man band. Mark Nicholas started under the name Cosmicity with his first CD release "The Vision" in 1994.
Best Song - People will aruge, but the best Cosmicity song to date is probably "Awake".
Origin - Cosmicity (Mark) resides in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan.
Driving Force - To take the power of electronic instruments and change the face of pop music as we know it. (Influenced by Erasure, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, and most of the phenominal song writers since the eighties.)

Counter Culture

Formed - in 1998 after graduating from dartmouth college. however, the label Strain Records, my independent "synthpop factory" has been in operation since 1992. Our influences are broad, yet our sound most resembles the classic new-wave sounds associated with groups such as Anything Box, Information Society, and the droning guitar riffs of Neworder.
Best Song - track 1, "world without secrets" is an undeniable synthpop classic, but my personal favorites are the darker tracks, number 9: "silently" and a slower ballad-like track 6, "show me the way", or the pensive track 7,"control". You will find quite a vareity in mood and style throughout the album.
Origin - Counter Culture was formed when I (Jonathan Jun) met singer Paul Lim at Dartmouth while singing in the same acapella group.
Driving force(s) - have always been twofold: (1) The creation of music that is at once highly energetic and catchy and also hauntingly beautiful in its texture, ranging from the smooth vocals to the thumping bass to the sweeping filters (2) to present an emotional portrait of myself in my struggles, particularly with respect to God, and my relationship with other people in this journey called life.

The Crystal Projects

Formed - 1995
Best Song - (there are so much ... ) :o)) I would say: "Things We Said"
Origin - Hmmm .... what could it mean ?
Driving Force - also not really cler to me ... can you describe, what you wanna know here ?


Formed - Late 1991
Best Song - Well, It must be "They say".
Origin - Kalmar, Sweden
Driving Force - Playing live & meet the people who listen to our music.


Formed - formed as an idea in 1992
Best Song - no song is best. i like them all
Origin - long beach, ca.
Driving Force - a great big mack truck