Snowy Red

Classed in the Belgian New Beat scene.

Apparentely Micky Mike made after his Snowy Red period, one or two LP's with covers.
At this moment Micky Mike is completely out of the music scene.

According to Dirk Ivens (Dive, Klinik) when asked byJurgen

Micky Mike played the guitar in the Belgian band "La Cosa Nostra" before 1986


  • Snowy Red (Dirty Dance 12001, 1981)
  • The Right to Die (Dirty Dance 12002, 1982)
  • Vision (Soundwork 7005 / Soundworks Products 12003, 1984)
  • The Compilation 1980-84 (Antler 098, 1988)
  • The Beat is over .. (Antler 116, 1989)


Graphic Design by Tone Loenders
  • Treat me / Euroshima (Wardance) (Antler 080, 1988)
    • Side 1 - Treat Me (Club Mix) (6:26)
    • Side 2 - Euroshima (Wardance) (4:25) / Treat Me (Radiomix) (5:05)
      All songs composed by Micky Mike
      Produced by Stephan Kraemer and Micky Mike
      Additional guitars:Jean-paul Delepont and Stephan Kraemer
      Additional Vocals:Iben Larssen and Niki Mono
      Special thanks for help and rhythms to Jean-Paul Delepont
      Recorded and mixed at Studio Square.February'88
      Special thanks to Paul Delnoy

  • Never Alive - maybe - no info

  • I'm Alright (Antler 083, 1988)
    • Side A:I'm Allright (long version) (5:59)
    • Side B:The Long Run (5:10) / I'm Allright (short version) (4:30)
      All songs composed & performed by Micky mike
      Produced by Stephan Kraemer and Micky Mike
      Additional vocals by Iben Larssen & Niki Mono
      I'm Allright:
      E-bow guitar by Stephan Kraemer
      Sax by Alain Prick
      The Long Run:
      Trumpet by Paul Delnoye
      Guitar by Stephan Barbery
      Drums by Alain Lefevre
      Bass by Thomas Kuersten
      Additional vocals by Niki Mono

  • Love Machine (Antler as051, 1989)
    • Side 1 - Lovemachine (8:01)
    • Side 2 - Warmachine(Lovedance)(3:35)/Love machine (instrumental) (6:36)

  • Breakdown - Carol & Snowy Red (Ant 110, 1989)
    • Side 1 - Breakdown (the original)(4:03)
    • Side 2 - Breakdown (Snowy Red Version)(4:03)/Breakdown (Instrumental)(4:03)
      A:Vocals:Carol,Electronics:Micky Mike
      Snowy Red Version performed by Micky Mike and the Snowy Red's 84 band
      Other two remixed by Roland Belluci.
      (Roland Belluci is Roland Beelen, boss of Antler records)


  • I'm Hurt / Megadeath (Dirty Dance 7002, 1982)

  • Breakdown / So Low (Dirty Dance7003, 1982 - with Carol)

  • The Long run / Psychoscratch (Soundwork 7005, 1984)

  • Treat me / Euroshima (Wardance) (Antler 080, 1988)

Compilation appearances

  • Euroshima Wardance - New Beat Take 1 (Antler/SUB034/ 1988)
  • The Long Run and Breakdown - World of Electronic Body Music (Antler/ANT111, 1989)
  • Sinking Down - Zwischenfall - From The 80's To The 90's (Subtronic, 1994)
  • Euroshima (Wardance) - Call of the Banshee (Sub Terranean, 1994 - re-issued 1996))
  • Euroshima (Wardance) - New Wave Belgian Class X (Antler-Subway/AS5135, 1997)
  • Never Alive - New Wave Club Class X Vol.1 (Antler-Subway/AS5050, 1991))
  • Nowhere - New Wave Club Class X Vol.8 (1997)
  • Euroshima - Rock To The Beat (Antler-Subway 444.0022.23,1999)


Aparently he also made a video with 40 minutes of music and visuals.

Anyone have a copy?

Video Clips

Snowy Red: The Long Run-New Beat Video Hits (promovision 8900/1989)

Other appearances

Micky Mike also appeared on the following sampler:

Walkin' After Midnight (LP) with the song: Back in my Room

If I remember right, it was in the time before he formed snowy Red..., also Prothese (pre-Front 242) with Chanson were recorded on this album.

Thanks Sebastian

Album Tracks

Snowy Red

  • How Funny Are Those Explosions
  • Don't Loose Control
  • Still Human?
  • Maud Is Dead
  • Deep Desire.
  • The Wild Boys
  • Sinking Down
  • Baby Tonight
  • Blood Blood Blood
  • Come On Dance

The Right to Die

  • Euroshima (Wardance)
  • Nowhere
  • I'm Hurt
  • Never Alive
  • Relax
  • Opium**
  • Lies in your Eyes
  • Madman
  • The Right to Die

All vocals, electronics and bass by Micky Mike
Recorded at home on an eight track Teac


  • The Long Run
  • Reputation
  • Breakdown
  • Sayonara
  • Back To Reputation
  • Torn Curtain
  • Frail Memories
  • Torpedo Good Luck
  • Vision In Cairo

Micky Mike:Vocals-Keyboards-guitar-Sequence and rythmic programmation
Paul Delnoy:Keyboards-Bass-Trumpet-Sequence and rythmic programmation
Niki Mono:Vocals
Stephan Barbery:Guitars-Bouzouki
Robert Leff:Drums-Percussion
Recorded at sounworks Studio Brussels by Paul Delnoy

The Compilation 1980-1984

  • The Long Run
  • Never Alive
  • Torn Curtain
  • Madman*
  • Don't Loose Control
  • Relax
  • Euroshima (Wardance)
  • Megadeath
  • Torpedo God Luck
  • Nowhere
  • Psychoscratch
  • The Right To Die
* Slightly diffrent from The Right To Die album version

The Beat Is Over...

  • The Switch
  • I'm Allright
  • It's So Good
  • A Picture
  • Love Machine
  • Don't Wanna Crawl
  • Sand Rain
  • I'm Your Driver

All songs written and composed by Micky mike except "LoveMachine" byHauenstein,"Don't Wanna Crawl" by Micky Mike and J.P.Devox

Micky Mike:Vocals-Keyboards-Guitar-Mandolin
Stephan Kraemer:Keyboards-guitar-E Bow
Michel Degreef:Some Rhythm programmation and percussions
J.P.Devox:guitars on "Don't wanna crawl"
Alain Prick:mad sax on "I'm allright"
Backing vocals by the Panther Association

Recorded at Square Studio during Spring '89
Produced by Stephan Kraemer and Micky Mike

Thanks to Jurgen (Belgium) for lots of info and most of the graphics, Gert Glassee, Dirk Houbrechts (who runs the excellent site: Belgian Pop & Rock Archives), Tomas Eriksson and Getlef - all for various contibution which have pushed this site beyond a question into the realms of a resource.

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