This is the story of 1997 - the first time Heaven 17 played live.

Martyn Ware
9th January 1997

"Looks like we're going to be touring Germany and UK in April! (TBC)."

"We need your help in polling our fans to see which songs they would like to see us perform live. We're planning 15 songs - 5 from the new album."

So please write and tell me five songs (assumedly your all time favourites) you would like to hear live.

Martyn Ware
24th January 1997

I had a wild idea during a meeting about our live dates that it would be great to support Erasure (who are still great pals) on their forthcoming UK arena tour (around 5,000 capacity per gig) in April.

Vince has just rung me to say YES!!!

Martyn Ware
6th February 1997

Any news on the touring?

It's happening in April - 4 warm ups on our own and 9 arenas with Erasure I'll send the dates soon.

Are there any plans for live releases?

Yes.. we're planning a live album (how hilarious!).

rnsley" Tour

March Rehearsals:


The Joint, London


The Joint, London


The Joint, London


The Joint, London


The Joint, London

Gig dates for April!

Warm Ups - around 1,000 capacity (15 Songs):


Norwich Waterfront *


Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms


London Heaven

(* First ever live gig!)

Part of a review of the Heaven (London) gig:

CUT straight to the encore. The Human League's "Being Boiled", transformed from a stuttering, industrial dirge to the sound of slinky, kinky, ballistic, bombastic, fantastic, frenetic, splenetic, sizzling, fizzling SEXSEXSEXSEX.

Daniel Booth

The set list from the first Gig in Norwich!

  • Intro
  • Facsist groove thang
  • Crushed by the wheels of Industry
  • We blame love
  • Freak
  • Dive
  • Come live with me ....first climax
  • Do I believe?
  • Play to win (A very minimal version)
  • Let`s all make a bomb
  • Let me go
  • An electronic prayer
  • Penthouse & Pavement (Remix)
  • Temptation (Remix) Second climax!!!!!


  • Designing heaven ( the Motiv 8 Remix) Climax3!!!
  • Being boiled (from Human league) ...another Climax

The Souncheck:

Backstage and soundcheck at the First ever gig
2nd April 1997

For more photo's and exclusive interview mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (seen above) at:

e-lectric (German Synthie-Pop Magazine)

Supporting Erasure - around 5 - 15,000 capacity each:


Birmingham NEC


Bournemouth Arena


Cardiff Arena


Brighton Centre


Manchester Nynex


Newcastle Arena




Sheffield Arena


London Wembley Arena

Sheffield Arena 17 April

Heaven 17 where so energetic and the crowd were very responsive which for a support band is rare. They sounded fresh and banged out all the old hits including CBTWOI, Come live with me, Temptation (Brothers in rhythm style) plus a few from new album.

Glenn seemed so happy to be performing, not like Erasure who just went through the motions, And as they performed Being Boiled, we noticed that Phil Oakey was standing in front of us behind barrier! It seems if you go to see a sheffield band all the other sheffield bands turn up!

Thanks to Darran

Other Dates in April and May:




GAY, London


Cafe De Paris, London

Martyn Ware

Dearest Ashley

We're facing a mountain of email after our hugely enjoyable (and I hope successful) tour.

We're doing some more gigs .... I'll keep you informed ASAP when they're confirmed.

Kind regards

Martyn pp H17

Ps We've recorded 5 of the shows for an upcoming Live this space!

The Next Gig Dates

Sat 14 June


Music In The Bay

Sat 28 June


Lawyers Ball

Sat 5 July


Gay Pride

Sat 19 July


Northants festival

Sat 2 August

Bratislava, Slovakia

Planet Arcadia Festival

Sat 16 August


Wiltshire Festival

Sun 24 August


Flux Club

Mon 25 August


Flux Club

Tue 26 August


Flux Club

What Glenn and the girls looked like
Last Gig

Angie Brown and Billie Godfrey