Music for Stowaways
Virgin TCV 2888
Released 1978 (c1978)
Re-issue 1980 (c1980)
Virgin OVEDC 230
2nd re-issue 1980 (c1978)

Music for Listening To
Virgin BEF 1
Released 1981

Music of Quality and Distinction - Volume 1
Virgin 2219
Released 1982
Charted at 25 in UK

Arlene Phillip's Hot Gossip (with BEF)

Penthouse and Pavement
Virgin V 2208
Released September 1981
Charted at 14 in UK.

Record of the Year according to Melody Maker.



Penthouse and Pavement

"...high-power, high thought electrofunk...clean, crisp, energetic and unselfconscious." - Trouser Press

"...Heaven 17's wonderful appreciation of where the tangible and intangible forces in life collide, where truth, myth and a mighty matter mesh and mangle, it is consistent, allusive, an advancing, dancing, flirting entertainment..." - NME

"...marks no less an occasion than the resurrection of the pop melody, spilling out tunes that twist, turn, writhe sideways and snake backward like some souped-up funicular loco bumping and grinding akong the rails of funkdom." - Melody Maker

Things are coming together, from eleven small acorns eleven big songs are beginning to grow. Green was he brief and true as an arrow we complied, real drums, real bass, real guitar. How much more real can you get? We have just checked our army we have 32 men all at peak fighting strength.

The Luxury Gap
Virgin V 2253
Released 8th April 1983
Charted at 4 in UK.



How Men Are
Virgin V 2326
Released September 1984
Reached 12 in UK.



Endless CoverEndless
Virgin CDV 2383 (CD and Cassette only)
Released June 1986
Reached 70 in UK.
Powerless, pointless endless.

Pleasure One
Virgin V 2400
Released November 1986




Teddy Bear, Duke and Psycho
Virgin V 2547
Released September 1988


Music Of Quality And Distinction (Volume 2)
Ten Records DIXCD 108
Released 1991

Higher and Higher - Best of Heaven 17
Virgin CDV 2717 (CD and Cassette only)
Released March 1993

The Remix Collection
Virgin CDVIP 133 (CD and Cassette only)
Released 1995.

Bigger Than America
WEA 0630-16346-2
Released 29th September 1996 (in Germany)


WPCR-905/WEA - Japanese release with extra tracks

  • Bigger than America (version)
  • Theme from Unreal Everything
  • Trans European Heaven
  • Morodor's Subterranean Heaven (remixed by Georgio Morodor & Chris Cox)

All titles writtten by Gregory, Marsh, Ware - Another BEF production

Glenn Gregory - Programming and Vocals
Ian Craig Marsh - Programming and System 100
Martyn Ware - Programming and Synthesizers