...What is A New January? 

A New January is electronic dance music with a driving edge.Patchwork Shadows, their first CD, tended to stay in the synth realm with some guitar, but the forthcoming After Clothes EP and Bury Half The Moon CD are more electro hitting. Keep an ear out for drum loops galore, catchy guitar riffs, hard thumping bass, enchanting vocals, deep-insighted lyrics and a newly refined live show... emphasizing the word, "live". Listen to some older material.

28 October 1997 
Upon further discussion with Compression Industries (ANJ's management), the After Clothes EP will be released in late Winter '98. The track listing most likely will change a bit. "Partially Unbroken" may or may not appear and another track may be added. The reason for the delay and possible changes is for overall playability. They don't want the sound to be too varied from song to song and longevity is the goal. 

"Shallow Expectations (remix)" is sure to be a dance floor hit in the underground dance clubs and "Green" will be a nice slow groove ala Violator-esque DM. We're not talking cheesy synth-pop either. Stay tuned...

12 October 1997 
The After Clothes EP is near completion. The Jim Marcus remix is now finished (3 months!). The radio edit still needs to be edited and only two additional tracks, "Shallow Expectations '97" and "Partially Unbroken" are awaiting mixing. Finally, everything seems to be on track once again.

After Clothes EP to be Released 

14 September 1997 
ANJ will be releasing the After Clothes EP on CD in December. The track listing will be as follows (order subject to change):

1. After Clothes (radio edit)
2. Shallow Expectations (remix)
3. After Clothes (remix by Deep)
4. Partially Unbroken
5. After Clothes (remix by Jim Marcus)
6. Green
7. Virtues
8. Forever In A Day (live in Chicago)


5 September 1997 
Elektronique band looking for live percussionist. Must live in Chicago (preferably Schaumburg area) and have own equipment.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ANJ to set up an interview. Electronic percussion experience a plus, but we're willing to work with a traditional drummer.

31 July 1997 
This is the final resting place of the ANJ web site. Unsatisfied with their previous provider, things should load quicker and hence be more reliable now. Also, the new web interface should be a bit more straightforward.

Live update: Beat Kitchen, Wednesday, August 27, 1997 @ 9:30pm. Special guest is Liberty Surface. ANJ will perform a track by OMD and 5 songs from their upcoming CD, "Bury Half The Moon" plus 4 "Patchwork Shadows" favorites.

ANJ to Work with Legendary Electro-Funkster 

25 June 1997 
ANJ recently enlisted the help of Compression Industries, a Chicago-based industrial/electronic management team. This year will be filled with excitement for ANJ with more shows, an EP release, more radio exposure and a remix by the one and only electro-funkster, Jim Marcus (credits include: Die Warzau, Sister Machine Gun, Pigface, Sister Soleil, Haloblack, Everplastic, Deep, Oxygene 23).

Past Updates...1996/1997 

3 June 1997 
Futronik Structures is finally out! You can order this CD compilation by emailing Tom and Brent at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

6 May 1997 
MODEified 3 is a tape compilation of Depeche Mode covers done by fans on the Bong Mailing List. ANJ re-made "The Sun & The Rainfall" with their traditional electro-dance sound. Ordering information is on their website.

17 April 1997 
ANJ booked studio time at Resolution on April 20th, 23rd and 27th to begin the tedious mix down process. Two or three of the 14 original tracks for their upcoming CD will be dropped to make room for 4 brand-spanking-new tunes that were written in the last couple of weeks. Expect Underworld-ish rhythms with an intense electro atmosphere. The four songs are "Sugar in the Rain", "Phone Calls", "Media", and "Uninvited". ANJ is busy polishing up the tracks before they are recorded. A complete track listing will be posted shortly.

29 March 1997 
A New January received a positive review of their debut CD,Patchwork Shadows, in the April 1997 issue of the Illinois Entertainer. Check out the Reviews for more details.

17 March 1997 
ANJ just received word that "Sweet Enough to Steal" was selected to appear on the upcoming The Glory of DestructionCD compilation by Ubel Engel Promotions. Release is scheduled for late July '97. Stay tuned.

14 March 1997 
UPDATE!!!!! Patchwork Shadows has dropped in price to $6 (yes, that's six dollars for a full-length CD!!). The reason is because ANJ wants to get their music out to the masses. They're not here to make money (even though at $6, they're still making a small profit). This special price will continue until supplies are diminished. Scroll down this page to find out where to send the money.

9 March 1997 
All 14 songs have been recorded, including the music, vocals and guitar. Mixdown will be sometime in April atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. newest addition, a state-of-the-art 32 track fully automated digital studio with ProTools. Only the highest praise can be given to Deep, Joe, Sri, and Jeff at Resolution. They've helped ANJ in so many ways.

23 February 1997 
ANJ just completed 20 hours in the studio working on material for their second full-length CD, tentatively titled,Bury Half The Moon. A total of 14 tracks will appear on the disc including a song recorded live. Everything is in order for a late Summer/early Fall release date.

ANJ will be appearing on the Futronik Structures CD compilation by DSBP to be released sometime this Spring. "Bleed" which is from ANJ's debut CD, Patchwork Shadows, will appear on the disc.

12 February 1997 
The ANJ homepage has undergone massive reconstructive surgery in order to reflect the changing progression of their music. This page was down for two days (February 10/11), and life support was restored on February 12.

24 January 1997 
Real Audio files are now "streaming" for use with the Real Audio 3.0 plugin.

20 January 1997 
Each day brings on more news. In just over a month, A New January will return to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to begin work on their next CD. Palemute will construct the artwork this time around, and the band hopes to fill all 74 minutes with a more electro sound... Keep your ears peeled for samples.

14 January 1997 
Quite a few things have been going on lately. First off, ANJhas been working on "The Sun & The Rainfall" (by Depeche Mode) for MODEified 3.

ANJ's live show keeps improving with each rehersal. After practicing for the past 6 or 7 months, they are ready to take on the Chicago club circuit. Their live show consists of 10-12 songs including new unreleased material. Expect a few shows starting this Spring...to be listed on this page, of course.

Transparencies, the anticipated newsletter, is being delayed for a while. Stay tuned...

20 December 1996 
Real Audio files have been added on the Sounds page. Download Real Audio 3.0 (if you don't have it already) to hear them.

18 December 1996
The ANJ page has been revamped yet again. We think this new look is quite spiffy. Expect Shockwave and Real Audio files in the future...maybe. :)

4 December 1996 
ANJ finally got off their asses and mailed out a ton of promos to various radio stations across the country (and Canada too). If you work at a radio station or know of one that plays electronic music (or variations thereof), please letANJ know. Also, give examples of what the radio station typically plays. One that plays Bush, Cake, Pearl Jam, and Korn is NOT a good resource. However, one that plays Depeche Mode, Orbital, Curve, Front 242, etc. IS. You get the idea. Please get a contact name, address, phone number, and where available, an email address. Thanks for your help. :)

12 November 1996 
It's finally here! A New January appears on Control-Alt-Delete's ::CatClaus:: 96 CD compilation. ANJ revamped the traditional Christmas song, "Silent Night" with their own signature digital euphoria. 21 synth-style tracks appear on the album. ::CatClaus:: 96 is extremely limited so get 'em while you can. It's the perfect holiday gift! The catalog number is: 0110031196. For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Tell 'em A New January sent ya.

29 October 1996
This page was radically updated with painful skill and craftsmanship courtesy of Kykeon which is hereby declared the official graphics designer and creative consultant for all of ANJ's future multimedia works. Please note that all graphics on this webpage are original and designed by Kykeon.

7 October 1996 
ANJ is currently working on a newsletter to be sent to all who support the band. To be included on this future endeavor, email A New January with your surface mail (snail mail) address. This will *hopefully* be a quarterly newsletter with info on the band, show dates, new releases, etc. Look for it sometime in January '97.

Blah...blah...blah. That's all for now, and peace to electro-enthusiasts world wide!