On September 16th 1984 five young lads emerged from Melbourne's Studio 250 with the raw product of the last few months hard slog as young band trying to make it, in a scene of a decreasing numbers of live venues, as a new wave support band on the verge of a lucrative record deal.

The four songs on their way to be mixed were:

  • Age 1 & 2
  • Young Companion
  • 30 Seconds Over Tokyo
  • Dance 51

The five members were (from left to right):

  • Anthony Alberti - Bass
  • Paul Shelley - Keyboards
  • Michael Birney - Guitar
  • Tony Lee - Drums
  • David Campbell - Vocals

But what had really changed? Besides the hairstyles and the clothes they had a new sticker for their road cases. This is what it used to look like (minus the flashing stars which I have added due to the passion for such things by the keyboard player):

The next move for the band became obvious! What were all the great bands of the time doing? They were getting back to nature in one form or another and the most popular for a band near the sea was the obligatory ariel beach shot:

They described their music as "catchy, slightly funky, commercial music with some synthesizers." That might be the right formula but did they have the right attitude? "We deliver. Every end is tight, we aim at everybody, uniform tight, music tight, image tight, you name it." I guess so. And what about live? "The band is different also, with freedom to move around on stage and therefore jump around alot". They were always very good live with one review stating "The pulsation tunes and the spirit in their performance induces some form of reaction from everyone".