Fast Records Press Release

SCENARIO: In the summer of 1977 The Human League was formed due to the members finding no conventional channels for their immense talents.

BACKGROUND: None of The Human League have any orthodox musical training, but prefer to regard compositions as an extension of logic, inspiration and luck. Therefore, unlike conventional musicians their influences are not so obvious.

CONCLUSION/MANIFESTO: Interested in combining the best of all worlds, The League would like to positively affect the future by close attention to the present, allying technology with humanity and humour. They have been described as "Later Twentieth Century Boys" and "Intelligent, Innovatory and Immodest".

OUTPUT: Compositions number 20 to date. Refer to single on Fast Product. Refer to limited edition cassette available from Fast Product.

Fast Product Tape

"Send us a tape and we'll fill it!"


  • Dignity of Labour excerpt
  • Optomistic Anthem - later to become Blind Youth
  • Year of the Jet Packs
  • Again the Eye Again
  • Toyota City
  • You've Lost That Loving Feeling (Peel Session Recording)

Other songs lost in time:

  • Dance Like a Star
  • Treatment
  • Disco Disaster
  • Overkill Disaster Crash
  • Interface
  • No Time
  • Blank Clocks
  • Looking For The Black Haired Girls
  • Cairo
  • Pulse Lovers
  • Future Religioin
  • Daz

Repro inside

Some Early Live Dates

The band actually started playing live in Sheffield in June 1977.
Sheffield University Union Bar 2
The Limit Club (Sheffield)
Music Machine (London)
Eric's (Liverpool)
The Limit Club (Sheffield)*
The Electric Ballroom (London)
The Factory (Manchester)
The University (Edinburgh)
December 78
Various dates supporting Siouxie and the Banshees
Eric's (Liverpool)
Notre Dame Hall (London)**
Nashville (London)
Nashville (London)
Polytechnic (Sheffield)
Lyceum (London)
Rainbow (London)
Digbeth Civic Hall (Birmingham)
Astoria (Edinburgh)
The Factory (Manchester)
Marquee (London)

* This was a 'Local Bands Night', with no entry fee! Full lineup was TonTrix, Graph (from whence came Ian Burdon), Def Leppard (first major public gig), Human League.
** 9/2/79 - Gig cancelled on moral grounds.

Lyceum (London)***

*** 11/11/79 - This is the lasg gig as the foursome of Ian Marsh, Martyn Ware, Phil Oakey and Adrian Wright. The former two head off to form The British Electric Foundation and Heaven 17 and the later continue on as The Human League recruiting a bass player, Ian Burden from a band called Graf, and a couple of 17 year old cocktail waitresses, Joanne Catherall and Suzanne Sulley. This guise of the band went on to commercial succss with the Dare album.


Being Boiled

  1. Being Boiled (Insurgent Pop)
  2. Circus of Death (Resistant Product)

Fast 4.
Reached 8 in the UK charts in 1980.
First released January 1978 - 2000 copies.
Re-released August 1980 (EMI) and January 1982.

The Dignity of Labour

  1. The Dignity of Labour part 1
  2. The Dignity of Labour part 2
  3. The Dignity of Labour part 3
  4. The Dignity of Labour part 4

Fast 10.
Never entered the charts.
Released 1st June 1979.
Included flexi disc of band discussing the release of the record.

I Don't Depend on You

  1. I Don't Depend on You
  2. Cruel (Instrumental)

VS 269.
Never entered the charts.
Released July 1979.
Recorded under the name "The Men".

Empire State HumanEmpire State Human

  1. Empire State Human
  2. Introducing

VS 294.
VS 351 - Re-release with first 15,000 free single Toyota City/Only After Dark
VS 35112 - 12" single.
Charted at number 62.
Released 12th October 1979.

Only After Dark

  1. Only After Dark
  2. Toyota City (ling version)

VS 351
Released 12th October 1979.

Holiday '80

  1. Being Boiled
  2. Marianne
  3. Rock'n'Roll/Nightclubbing
  4. Dance Vision

SV 105.
Released April 1980.
Reached 56 in UK charts.




Released 5th October 1979.
Originally charted at 27, re-entered the charts at 51 in 1981.


  1. Almost Medieval
  2. Circus of Death
  3. The Path of Least Resistance
  4. Blind Youth
  5. The Word Before Last
  6. Empire State Human
  7. Morale...You've Lost That Loving Feeling
  8. Austerity/Girl One (medley)
  9. Zero as a Limit

Bonus 1989 CD Tracks

  • Introducing
  • The Dignity of Labour part 1
  • The Dignity of Labour part 2
  • The Dignity of Labour part 3
  • The Dignity of Labour part 4
  • Flexi Disc
  • Being Boiled (fast version)
  • Circus of Death (fast version)


Released 23rd May 1980.
Highest chart position was 16 in the UK.


  1. The Black Hit of Space
  2. Only After Dark
  3. Life Kills
  4. Dreams of Leaving
  5. Toyota City
  6. Crow and a Baby
  7. The Touchables
  8. Gordon's Gin
  9. Being Boiled
  10. WXJL Tonight

Bonus 1988 CD Tracks

  • Marianne
  • Dance Vision
  • Rock'n'Roll/Nightclubbing
  • Tom Baker
  • Boys and Girls
  • I Don't Depend on You
  • Cruel

Australian vinyl release had a different track order and included a different version of Marianne.

"I'm not interested in fun at all. Sex bores me; it was built up a few
decades ago and it's just about to fall to bits."
Phil Oakley