RIP Gabi Delgado-Lopez - 22 March 2020
Current line-up:
Sylvie Marks - synths, computers, electronics
Robert Görl - Vocals
(JunkYard, Dortmund, Germany, 2023-10-27)

Past History
  • The core of Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft (DAF) are Gabi Delgado-Lopez and Robert Gorl. They met in Dusseldorf during the punk movement in 1977, Gabi singing in local punk bands and Robert finishing his formal musical training (at the Leopold Mozart Konservatorium in Germany and the Musikhochschule-Graz in Austria). Along with Wolfgang Spellmans, Ludwig Hass and Michael Kemner they released their first album in Germany called Product der DAF on Warning Records, it was a riot of synth and tape powered heavy metal. They moved to London where they made their England debut at the Marque club with The Fall. Shortly after they signed to Mute records. An early Sounds review summed up their early music: "If DAF has an onstage duel with Throbbing Gristle, there would be no-one left alive on stage to announce the winner."

    After releasing their first Mute single, Kebabtraume, Conny Plank asked to produce them, by this time they had been reduced to a duo. After releasing their first Mute album, Die Kleinen Und Die Bosen, and second single, Tanz Mit Dir, they embarked on a tour that encompassed Austria (as guests of the Austrian Government playing as part of Culture Week in Vienna) and Germany, with some London dated mixed in the middle.

    A change of record label, to Virgin, saw the release of their second album, Alles Ist Gut, and a single, Der Mussolini/Der Rauber Under Der Prinz, which charted in England. The pair have also released solo work over the years, Robert Gorl has released one album on Mute (Night Full of Tension), and two singles, Mit Dir and Darling Don't Leave Me with Annie Lennox.

    Robert Gorl played drums on the first Eurythmics album - In the Garden.

    NME 27 March 1982

    D.A.F Final Sessions

    D.A.F., the German duo of Robert Gorl and Gabi Delgado-Lopez, have decided that their next album - to be recordd at Conny Plank's studio in April and May, fo rlate summer rlease by Virgin - will be the last under te name of D.A.F. But it won't mark the end of their partnership - they simply feel that the D.A.F. concept of vocals sung over a drum and synthesizer backing has reached it's logical conclusion, and they will go on to develop more ideas.

    From the original line-up Chris Haas formed a Berlin-based band called Liaisons Dangereuses who released one single on Mute called Los Ninos Del Parque.

    "DAF was the kind of band that had a very severe, minimalistic concept in music. We were a two piece that only sung in German. We restricted ourselves by using electronis, acoustic drums and vocals. It was concentrated power, the more minimal the better. Eventually, after three albums, we realised that we had reached our limits. The question was, 'Are we going to continue and maybe repeat the whole thing again, or should we stop and do something completely new?' DAF was a band that never wanted to look back. I'm still good friends with Robert, but when you work with someone for five years you get into a routine of exchanging ideas. Suddenly you discover that you're saying the same things you said two albums previously. For me it's a very normal thing. I wish alot of bands would break up after two or three albums."

    Gabi Delgado 1983


    This is an abbreviated discography which only covers the basic releases by the band. A more complete listing (including catalogue numbers and band information) on which most of this version was based, has been done by Anders Wahlbom in Sweden.


    • Kebabtraume / Gewalt - Mute 5 - 1980
    • Der Rauber und der Prinz / Tanz mit mir - Mute 11 - 1980
    • Der Mussolini / El Que - Virgin 0271 - 1981

      12" Der Mussolini / Der Rauber Under Der Prinz - Virgin VS 418-12

    • Als waer's das letzte Mal / Der Mussolini - Virgin 103 168 - 1981
    • Der Raeuber und der Prinz / Rote Lippen - Virgin 103 374 - 1981
    • Goldenes Spielzeug / El Que - 1981

      12" Goldenes Spielzeug / El Que

    • Liebe auf den ersten Blick / Sex unter Wasser - 1981
    • Sex Unter Wasser / Knochen auf Knochen - 1981
    • Kebab-Traeume / Ein bisschen Krieg - 1981
    • Verlieb dich in mich / Geheimnis - 1982

      12" Verlieb dich in mich / Ein bisschen Krieg

    • Absolute Body Control / 1st Step to Heaven (inst.) - 1985
    • Brothers (Mix by DAF) / Brothers (Robert's Mix) - 1985

      12" Brothers (Robert Gabi's Mix) / Brothers (Mike Hedges Mix)

    • Brothers (Mix Gabi) / Brothers (Mix Robert) - 1986

      Brothers (Mix Gabi) / Brothers (Mix Robert)

    • 12" Voulez Vous Choucher Avec Moi Ce Soir sin & sex mix - 1986
    • 12" Pure Joy (We Do It All) / Party (Blonde Hair Dark Brown Hair) - 1986
    • The Gun (radio edit) / Program It (instrumental) - 1987

      12" The Gun / Program It (instrumental)

      12" The Gun (Bang! Bang! Club Mix) / Program It (instrumental) / The Gun (Bang! Single Mix)

    • 12" Der Mussolini (Remix '87) / Der Rauber und der Prinz - 1987
    • 12" Liebe auf den ersten Blick (1988 Remix by Joseph Watt) / Liebe auf den ersten Blick (Original Version) / Goldenes Spielzeug - 1987
    • Verschwende deine Jugend (Official Version) / El Que (Latin Mix) / Verschwende deine Jugend (Dub Mix) - 1989



    • Produkt der Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft - 1979
    • Die Kleinen Und Die Bosen - 1980 -
    • Alles Ist Gut - 1981 -
    • Gold Und Leibe - 1981
    • Fur Immer - 1982
    • 1st Step To Heaven - 1986
    • DAF (Compilation) - 1988
    • DAF Hitz Blitz - 1989 -

    Gold Und Liebe - Reviewed in The Face

    Still a pared-down, hyper-efficient duo of instrumentalists Robet Gorl and singer Gabi, DAF have built up a huge following among German speaking audiences but - and this must have something to do with their principled refusal to sing in other than their native language - they have yet failed to reproduce their substantial German success in this country.
    This is unfortunate, as they make some of the hardest and often the best synthetic dance music to be heard and their minimalist songs take the absolute essences of certain musical structures to powerful extremes - take the basic rock'n'roll phrase which in the structure of "Greif Nach Den Sternen" (Grab The Stars) on this new album and listen to the way Gorl and producer Connie Plank have propelled and warped it.
    Plank's role ought not to be underestimated; like it or not, there is a dimension of technical skill in making this soet of music work. Plank is able to make Gorl's simple synth rhythms really jump - and jump out of your speakers or headphones - in a way that very much depends on his unique experience in creating sounds in the studio.
    Listen to the opening bass synthesiser on Ultravox's song "I Remember (Death In The Afternoon)", on "Rage In Eden" if you're in any doubt.
    It's much more fashionable, of course, to talk about DAF and sex, though without the translation of their Iyrics which was provided with their last Virgin album, most English speaking listeners are left a little in the dark. Live, it's a different matter, as there is no ignoring Gabi's potently sensual stage manner and the duo's tightly-focussed personal slyle.
    Perhaps this is where the problem lies; without their presence or an understanding of their lyrics. DAF's music remains too austere. Lust and passion do pound their way through songs like "Muscle" and "Absolute Bodycontrol", but without the words, it remains a very one-dimensional impression and the subtleties of dividing the album into "dark" and "light'' sides are lost. The corrupted kindergarten innocence of songs like "Golden Toys" is something one would like to appreciate in more depth.
    If they are satisfied with merely making impressions - in all sorts of senses - here, then it'll have to do. But I suspect they're holding back a much wider exposure of their music's modernist passion. And that is a waste.



DAF.Dos live in Stockholm - 4 April 1997

Apparently Gabi and Robert are not on speaking terms as Robert has grave doubts about reviving DAF. So Gabi has changed it to DAF Dos (Spanish for "two") and has released a new album called "Allein, Zu Zweit, Mit Telefon" with a guy called Wotan.

Some more recent info from Anders in Sweden:

"There is a new DAF album - Robert is out of the picture, and has been replaced by someone whose name I don't remember. Gabi is still the vocalist, though. This new setting played three shows in Sweden last summer - I saw one of the two Stockholm shows. They played songs from the three Virgin albums, along with two or three new ones..."

"The new album is hard to descibe but I think that the DAF fans will be thrilled. It sounds in many parts very much like the old stuff but at the same time they have created a compleatly new sound. I'm arranging a Scandinaviantour with DAF in april 97." Nils Nilsson. For his review in Swedish (apparently a good one from what I'm told).

Thanks to Anders Wahlbom and Nils Nilsson for this information (and to Nils for the photo's)

The official Daf Dos page.
Daf Dos live shots.

More live shots thanks to Anders in Sweden.





Mute - The Essential Collection

Re-issues of Die Kleinen Und Die Bosen, Alles Ist Gut, Gold Und Leibe and Fur Immer

"Perceived in the early 80's as having an element of danger in their look, sound and content,
DAF were banned from certain clubs for their political and sexual ambiguity."

"Songs like "Der Mussolini" and "Sex Unter Wasser" quickly became underground
club hits and their sound paved the way for the electronic body music of
Front 242, Die Krupps, Nitzer Ebb and more.
Their influence can still be heard in electronic music today."



Live Review
They played in Bochum, which is on the western border of Germany. The goth and electronic scene is pretty big in Bochum. Each year they have an open air festival called "Bochum Total". There are about 50-60 bands playing in the city for free. Yesterday there were Welle Erdball, Second Decay and DAF dos, all of which I really wanted to see. It would have been a great concert if it hadn't started raining in the afternoon. And it didn't stop. It kept on raining all day long, so there were hardly any people out on the streets. I guess there were about 100 people watching DAF dos. Most of them were in a bad mood because of the rain, and also most of them were really young, which is probably due to their last album. They didn't have anything to do with those who know DAF dos because of DAF. Since there were so few people there, I could stand directly in front of the stage (I was about 1,5 meters away from Gabi) without even being touched by anyone else. It seemed so unreal! I was standing there, watching one of the best bands I know, and it seemed like no one else really paid a lot of attention to them! The show was great! They didn't only play the new songs, but also "Der Mussolini", "Als waer's das letzte Mal", "Verschwende Deine Jugend" and "Rote Lippen". But the audience was really bad. I feel really sorry for them because I'm sure it was because of the weather. The same happened to Welle Erdball and Second Decay.

Anyway, I hope they don't consider Bochum as a bad place to play in now. That would really be a shame!

Greetings from Germany




    Amphi Festival 2015 Front 242, VNV Nation, The Mission, Oomph!, Daf, The Crüxshadows, Diary of Dreams, and Neuroticfish

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